Ten things to engage empower align employees

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1. TEN THINGS TO ENGAGE EMPOWER & ALIGN EMPLOYEESPeople Driven Performance 2012 2. From Boring to Exciting The employee focusgroups at my 130+ yearold iron foundrybusiness said thereason to stay with thecompany is that It isnt boring. 3. From Boring to Exciting Our challengeas leaders isto make itexciting! 4. Top TenRecommendations 5. 1.SponsorGEMBAtrips 6. 2.Subscribeto theHarvardBusinessReview 7. Start a $10,0003 capital purchaseprogram 8. 4 Conduct an employeeengagement survey 9. Get "1-click" at5 Amazon and read lotsof books 10. #6 Watch the DanielPink Drive videos 11. #7Set higherexpectationsfor newhiring New1 yr 2 yr 3 yr Employee 12. #8 Attend at least threeconferences every year 13. #9 Embrace the conceptof generous severance 14. #10OWN YOUR CULTURE 15. Own and live a culture thatengages employees. Empower and align teams toour vision. Then, we have to let go. 16. PEOPLE DRIVEN PERFORMANCEWWW.PDPSOLUTIONS.COM


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