Integrated Health Information to Examine, Empower and Engage

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<ol><li> 1. Integrated Health Information to Examine, Empower &amp; Engage </li><li> 2. AGENDA: Healthcare Technology The Current trends in Healthcare technology Paperless Healthcare Environment Web-based Systems, E-Prescriptions, E-Consulting, E- Referrals &amp; Online appointments, video conferencing, remote monitoring for healthcare. Online health records and Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) Mobile based solutions Seamless integration with web systems Remote monitoring &amp; Telemedicine Patient Empowerment &amp; Engagement More informed treatment Focus on patient oriented health systems </li><li> 3. INTRODUCTION H Connect Cloud A Cloud based Health Information Software as a Services For Multiple healthcare stakeholders viz. Patients, Doctors, Hospitals, Laboratories and all others. Electronic Ecosystem to build a universal Electronic Health Record and Health information exchange. Deliver care through information technology Enhance health research, analysis &amp; compliance Improve efficiency, quality and reduce cost of healthcare. Lay foundations for a healthier society </li><li> 4. AGENDA: Healthcare Technology The Challenges in Current Health Care Systems Limited or No benefits to the Patient Lack of Patient Satisfaction focus Low or Non-existent Customer Relationship Management Lack of Interoperability and Coordination Inter Organization Branches, associated and group hospitals Intra Organization - laboratory, radiology, etc. Limited Data Available for Research purposes Unstructured Medical Data, lack of standardization, etc. Technical Requirements and Hassles Servers, Storage, Infrastructure and Maintenance Costs </li><li> 5. H-CONNECT : THE STRUCTURE Mandatory Health Reporting Health Data Standardization Patient Portal PHR - Personal Health Record E-Health Governance Public Health Analysis Mandatory Lab Reporting Storage and Retrieval Research Tools and Analysis Health Research Organizations Hospital Patient Public Agencies Reference Labs Payers Physicians/ Practices Imaging Centers H-Connect Facilities </li><li> 6. H-CONNECT PRODUCT SUITE </li><li> 7. Impact of H-Connect </li><li> 8. ACTUAL USER FLOW Laboratory Physician Order test Report Collection Doctor Consultation Patient </li><li> 9. H-CONNECT USER FLOW Laboratory Physician views reports and history. The Doctor Orders test online test Report Collection Doctor Consultation Patient will view reports in PHR &amp; also his previous medical records x </li><li> 10. BUT, STILL WHY H-CONNECT ? Doctors at remote location, will access patient health record in Hconnect and plan the treatment options Medical data from hospital is directly reflected in patient account </li><li> 11. H-CONNECT DELIVERABLES Customer Relationship Management Health analytics Health content Data standardization Personal Health Record </li><li> 12. 1. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT </li><li> 13. 1. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT Communication module Critical/Alert SMS to critically ill patients Reminder SMS/Email to patients to repeat the test. Special SMS to Advised/Recommended patients. Promotional offers for targeted customers to attract more patients and create brand awareness. Provide them health and fitness tips for creating an additional value add. Increase business through a chained CRM cycle Set up the SOP to perform CRM cycle </li><li> 14. 2. HEALTH ANALYTICS Critical alert profiling Abnormality profiling Demographic view Epidemiology study Health trends Interactive charts Gain predictive analysis </li><li> 15. 3. HEALTH CONTENT Health profiling Health education Regular health tips Recent health trends Self-care materials </li><li> 16. 4. DATA STANDARDIZATION HIPAA compliance HL7 compliance Follow ICD-10, SNOMED-CT, LOINC etc Unified health report Standardized data analysis to perform successful CRM </li><li> 17. 4. DATA STANDARDIZATION (LOINC/SNOMED/ICD 10) </li><li> 18. 5. PERSONAL HEALTH RECORD (PHR) Secure PHR for lifelong Complete medical data View, share, print and download reports at home Emergency medical card Health alert Test information Health tracker Medical condition Medication Allergy Diet and Exercise Health summary Health education and tips Upcoming appointments Health calculator Family history Web and Mobile app </li><li> 19. PLATFORM Communication platform Text Email Web portal Mobile application </li><li> 20. APPROACH TO IMPLEMENTING H-CONNECT Commercial agreement Need assessment Development Technical implementation Beta deployment Free Training Go live </li><li> 21. POST SALES SUPPORT Drive health analytics Consultation Paid Training Technical support </li><li> 22. FEW BENCHMARKS ROI : 86.57 % Therefor for 296 patient : 222000 Rs. Cost of 1 test : 750 Rs. No. of Patient came back to repeat test : 296 Total SMS cost: 2535 Rs. Total no. of SMS sent : 8449 No. of SMS failed : 647 </li><li> 23. FEW BENCHMARKS </li><li> 24. Glimpse of H-Connect </li><li> 25. PORTAL ACCESS 1. Lab Portal: Reports Analysis and Communication module 2. Doctor Portal Reports Patient summary 3. Patient Portal Comprehensive Personal Health Record </li><li> 26. LAB: HOME PAGE </li><li> 27. HOME PAGE : STATISTICS Enterprise Resource Planning </li><li> 28. HOME PAGE : ALERT PATIENT </li><li> 29. HOME PAGE : SEARCH </li><li> 30. VIEW PATIENT REPORTS </li><li> 31. PATIENT LAB REPORT </li><li> 32. PATIENT LAB REPORT: PDF VIEW </li><li> 33. HEALTH CHART </li><li> 34. DATA ANALYTICS: CRM Customer Relation Tool Health campaigns Bulk Communication Research output </li><li> 35. MY PAGE: MY MESSAGES </li><li> 36. CHART ANALYSIS Reinforces Physician Lab - Patient relationships Practice management Partnership strategy Able to retain or increase their business, as well as support local physicians Manpower management Inventory Management </li><li> 37. CHART ANALYSIS : TREND DISPLAY Why drastic drop in lab test ordered? analysis - which client caused so? </li><li> 38. CRM : REFERRING DOCTOR TREND 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 Numberofpatients Referring doctor </li><li> 39. CRM Why remaining 100 + patients of Dr. Pradeep did not came back for repeat of test? Total Doctor: 2292, E.g.: 698 FPG test by Dr. Dakshata 269 FPG test by Dr. Pradeep (124 patients &gt; 126 value: diabetes, only 14 repeated the test) Why (4459 556 = 3900) not came back for repeat test? &gt; 100: 7886; &gt; 126: 4459 (diabetes) 12203 FPG test in 2 months (11647 unique + 556 repeats) Perform CRM for Dr. Pradeep </li><li> 40. CRM FOR SEQUENTIAL TEST 2400+ patient had a advise for Glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) in remarks section : only 168 patient had HBA1c test?....Why Pregnancy test : Positive, Shd come for 1st and 2nd trimester screening.also new born screening can be recommended. So, keeping track of such patient cause patient engagement. </li><li> 41. Personal Health Record </li><li> 42. PHR DASHBOARD </li><li> 43. PHR DASHBOARD </li><li> 44. GOAL OF ONE PATIENT, ONE RECORD </li><li> 45. VIEW/SHARE AND PRINT YOUR LAB REPORTS </li><li> 46. EMERGENCY MEDICAL CARD - PRINT AND CARRY </li><li> 47. HEALTH SUMMARY </li><li> 48. HEALTH CALCULATOR </li><li> 49. HEALTH DETAILS </li><li> 50. H-CONNECT APP ON MOBILE...HEALTH ON FINGERTIPS </li><li> 51. TAKE AWAY FROM H-CONNECT User retention/engagement: Engagement is key, and with engagement, you build credibility Improve quality Improve patient participation Improve accuracy of diagnosis Business intelligence : Forward-thinking laboratories will also have a chance to benefit from hospitals and physicians Patient relationship management Marketing Health campaigns / profiling Seamless data exchange with doctors </li><li> 52. USER REVIEW ON APP: </li><li> 53. WHAT H-CONNECT HAVE? Technically: Cloud based system : Can be accessed anytime, anywhere for lifetime. No special Hardware required for storage. Uploading and Sharing of information by even end-users. Connectivity &amp; interoperability. Provide alerts and reminder: SMS/email to refer, share and notify Analytically: Data analysis: Charting and research output CRM tools embedded Business intelligence : Strategically planning Enhance productivity of organization: via Manpower management and work automation Medically: Prevalence and epidemiology study Better healthcare management Goal achievement and Track medical changes Can Prevent all type of Medical errors </li><li> 54. MANPOWER MANAGEMENT Example: In June (5400 FPG) : performed by 5 technicians: 5400/5 = 1100 test/technician In July (3700 FPG) : Same 5 technician performed: 3700/5 = 700 test/technician So, 400 test/technician is less. What have been done in idle time? Same thing for inventory management </li><li> 55. INVENTORY MANAGEMENT To count average number of particular test per quarter, plan the inventory purchase for the next quarter. Seasonal usage of inventory and to stock up the lot. Availability of some particular kit on special rates: campaigns can be planned. Kits near to expiry dates or if extra lot available: campaigns can be planned. Out sourcing of the rare test and performing particular test only on some day/ some time in a day. </li><li> 56. MANY WAYS TO PERFORM CRM Template and field specific (including range wise) Age Gender Referring doctor specific etc Can be: Residential area specific BMI specific To send monthly report to existing clients about there overall report. </li><li> 57. THANK YOU | </li></ol>


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