Cwi Marketwise Webinar: Engage and Empower

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015 2PM ET

Social Engagement

Not this

Social Engagement

but this

Why It Matters

The Millennial Consumer

Not influenced by advertising.47% ARE influenced in their purchases by social media (Deloitte Digital)They value authenticity more than content. They have to trust a company or site.They want to engage with brands on social networks. 62% say if a brand engages with them on social networks, they are more likely to become a loyal customer.They are using multiple tech devicesThey are brand loyal

Consumer Trends

Increasingly dismissing traditional advertising as being untrustworthy. +75% of consumers dont believe what they see in ads.One in three are influenced by social media for their purchase (Deloitte).78% of consumers say that the posts on social media influence their purchase (Source: Forbes)91% of people have gone into a store/business because of an online experience.(Source:Marketing Land)89% of consumers conduct their research using web and social search(Source:PR Newswire)72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.(Source:Search Engine Journal)

Engagement = Action

Action can be:Indication of interest requiring further marketingShare, Comment, Like seen by friends of a fanProspect Email capture or Phone Call (or walk in)Online Join (or walk in)Recommendation or Review

Organic Engagement Factors

Managing Engagement Factors

Good Engagement Organic

Organic (not paid to promote)

Typical Engagement Organic

Organic (not paid to promote)

No Engagementwhy?

Organic (not paid to promote)

No Social ActionGeneric imageSelling to the already sold

Avoid selling to your members with hard sell public page posts target to non fan prospects.

Good Engagement + Paid

Paid Promotion

Good Engagement + Paid

Paid Promotion

Social Check-UpAre members checking in and sharing pics?

Do you have recent good reviews?

Are Friend Referrals on the rise?

Is social driving at least 20% of web?

Can You Answer YES to all?

So How Are You Doing?

Check Your Facebook Insights

How many social leads do you get each month?% of traffic to web page from social related sourcesTotal # of social actions

Be Smart about Your MarketingMaximize your reach through ad targeting Know who is most interested--be relevantTrack meaningful actions

Knowledge is Power!Ask us if you need help

Influence andEngagement are more critical than likes and followers once your presence is establishedHow Do You Score?


So How Are You Doing?

Schedule A Social Check-UpMichael@cwi.me770-329-2487

Next Webinar: Wed 12/9/15

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