Using social technologies to engage and empower the workforce

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Using social technologies to engage and empower the workforce.


<ul><li> 1. Empoweringthe WorkforceTechnologieswithSocial Colleen BurnsInfluencer EngagementManager, IBM@colleeniAnna DreyzinEducation ProgramManager, IBM@adreyzin</li></ul> <p> 2. Companies that use social businessare 25% more productivethan their competitors 3. #IAmGuilty of being anti-social#GetMeOutOfMailJail 4. What if we all hadSuper Powersat work? 5. Skeptical? 6. Many of us already working like super heroes 7. Cloud - 60% of CIOs indicate that cloud is one of their top 5 priorities3Analytics - 63% competitive advantage4Mobile - 75% of the worlds population have a mobile device2Social - 25% productivity increase1Security 21B Security hits a day thru IBM Security softwareusing super technologies 8. Raise the Game -The IBM BusinessTech Trends wwhhaatt ssuuppeerr ppoowweerrssaarree tthhee ppaacceesseetttteerrss uussiinngg?? 9. Power of EmployeeEngagement: Smarteremployees, theydrive the clientexperience andthat in turn drivesbusiness results,in that order.Workforce"EngagedHow do you eemmppoowweerr yyoouurr eemmppllooyyeeeess?? 10. SSuuppeerr tteecchhnnoollooggiieess aatt wwoorrkk 11. TToorroonnttoo WWaatteerrffrroonntt 12. TToorroonnttoo WWaatteerrffrroonntt 13. PPeerrffoorrmmaannccee BBiiccyycclleeGO-TOdestination for cyclingenthusiastsExpertise CompetitiveDifferentiator 14. 300%increase in traffic to thelearning center in first fourUp to 20%higher conversion from thelearning center compared toother referrersEmployees sshhaarree tthheeiirr eexxppeerrttiisseeiinn tthhee oonnlliinnee LLeeaarrnniinngg CCeenntteerrmonths 15. illyPUT CUSTOMEREXPERIENCEFIRST70% CONTENTONLINE ISSTORYTELLING40% INCREASEIN TRAFFIC 16. PUT CUSTOMEREXPERIENCEFIRST70% CONTENTONLINE ISSTORYTELLING40% INCREASEIN TRAFFICillys customer engagement 17. Making yyoouurr ssoocciiaall nneettwwoorrkkwwoorrkk ffoorr yyoouu 18. Staying connected simplifies my life 19. Staying connected simplifies my life 20. HHooww ddoo II ggeett mmyyssuuppeerr ppoowweerrss aatt wwoorrkk??WORK SMARTER 21. My company doesnt hhaavvee aann iinntteerrnnaall ssoocciiaall nneettwwoorrkk..CCaann II uussee ootthheerr ssoocciiaall nneettwwoorrkkss??9944%% ooff IIBBMM iiss oonn LLiinnkkeeddIInn 22. Shareknowledgewith yournetwork 23. Answerquestionsand shareyour insightwith yournetwork 24. Thank andcongratulatecolleagueswithin yourcompanysnetwork 25. Create anonlinecommunitytocollaborateand sharecontent 26. Yourexpertisewill growquickly asyournetworkmakes yousmarter 27. Add some power to your morning routineListenReview your socialnetworks for contentEngageShare answersor post questionsConnectInvite colleaguesto join your network 28. Earn your cape in 3 easy stepsBecome a pacesetterDownload the IBM Tech TrendsStudy: creativelyLook for partnering opportunitiesin non-traditional areasIntegrateDeliver a bigger punch bycombining technologies 29. Technology + social savvymake Joe a hero in the officeWhere will it take you?#IAmOutOfMailJail 30. Connect with usColleen Burns@colleeni colleeninchesAnna Dreyzin@adreyzin annadreyzin </p>