Social recruitment- Beyond the Hype

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  • 1. Social Recruitment Worth the hype? January 2012
  • 2. Sections Background LinkedIn - Why is it important? Strategy Considerations
  • 3. Social recruiting requires greater employee intimacy 21st century recruiting models are about employee intimacy at scale. Social recruitment is not only about hiring - it is about the whole relationship with the customer across every touchpoint, and how this affects satisfaction, recommendation and influence. Organising for social recruitment means building on existing strengths and developing deeper relationships online and offline.
  • 4. Social is impacting the recruitment journey
  • 5. Social recruiting has several components to make it work Audience Segmentation The social group we are targeting Channels Content The channels we use to The information we share i.e. engage on i.e.Facebook, blogs, thought leadership, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, profiles, video Company Page, Forums Analytics Using data to drive change real-time Roles Whos responsible for what Governance How we engage on social networks
  • 6. Networking is becomingglobal, intimacy at scale 80% of members come from10 countries (UK,Netherlands, Spain, Italy,France in Europe) Biggest growth is in SouthAmerica, Asia; while Europeannumbers are much lower,suggesting market saturation
  • 7. Presence on LinkedIn is dominated by key industries Demographics vary by region; Europes largest group is 35-54 Unsurprisingly, high technology is leading the charge in adoption, and use of new LinkedIn features and capabilities
  • 8. LinkedIn is about networking not only hiring The most successful companies are using LinkedIn to show the employee brand, but also showcase the caliber of staff to potential clients Employees who are on A successful LinkedIn LinkedIn independently, identifying themselves with strategy relies on all their organisation and employees playing a part, not active in groups! just recruitment The line between personal and professional becomes blurred
  • 9. It is evolving constantly, with significant impact
  • 10. Governance and awareness play a key role Privacy Control and changes are with LinkedIn and require constant monitoring Personal vs. Public Clarity regarding what can and cant be public on personal profiles (client names etc) Rules of Engagement How employees can and should engage on LinkedIn
  • 11. To build strategy, we need to look at various sources Review the trends and features in LinkedIn and how they align to social recruiting Identify leading practices among industry peers and beyond
  • 12. Features are allowing companies to tailor their presenceCustomisation Creating a page for a specific geography (country) with local information and job openingsContent Outlining exactly what your company offers by service line or categoryExperience Ensuring prospective employees and clients get an understanding of the people and the culture though testimonials, video and engagementEmployee Engagement Ensuring employees are present and active on company pages through recommendations, visible contact points and content
  • 13. Localised content with focus on the people- IBM About IBM- The Issue Global company with 427,000 employees and a diverse opportunities Varying perception of who IBM is and what future hires can expect The Response- Customised Localised job listings with tailored messaging Clear articulation of Why IBM? linked to great YouTube content Embedded banner to career page to make applying easy Recruitment lead attached to every opportunity
  • 14. Clear focus on what we do and what people think- Bain About Bain- The Issue Global firm with large number of service lines; finding what you need is difficult Part of the global fight for top-talent- getting the right people to apply The Response-Content Detailed info about each service line both what we do and how we do it One of the first consulting first recruitment firms to use recommendations- though at a global level Recruiters linked to every job- though selection is not localised to geography
  • 15. Featuring employees and their experience - Diageo About Diageo- The Issue Popular brands and place to apply for- make it easy for high caliber candidates to apply Part of the global fight for top-talent- getting the right people with the right culture fit who live the purpose Celebrate life every day, everywhere The Response- Experience/ Employees Heavy focus on the culture and values in the career description, including using YouTube channel Employee testimonials feature heavily why I chose Diageo Clear links to more career info across all channels Recruiters linked to every opportunity
  • 16. Contact details Dominika.tomek@dachisgroup,com @dominiktomek