Smartwatch Market Size, Share, Development, Growth and Demand Forecast to 2020

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  • GLOBAL INDUSTRY INSIGHT: Smartwatch Market Size, Share, Development, Growth and Demand

    Forecast to 2020

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    Global Smartwatch Market Size, Share, Development, Growth

    and Demand Forecast to 2020

    The global smartwatch market is growing, due to increased demand of home and remote patient monitoring,

    increased demand of wearable sensors for infants, and rapid innovation in sensor technology. The demand of

    continuous health monitoring features for infants is continuously increasing, since the past few years. The

    constant monitoring of physiological parameters of an infants body is carried out by using wearable sensors

    system, observing external threats as well as internal threats by parents. The increasing use of wearable systems

    in physiological monitoring is providing ample growth opportunities for the global smartwatch market. Additionally,

    strong distribution support is also supporting the growth of the market. The key competitors in the market are

    collaborating with their re-sellers and suppliers for penetrating in the market through selection of right geography,

    channel, and target audience.

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    Among all the regions, North America led the global market; whereas the Asia-Pacific market is expected to grow

    with the highest rate during the coming years. The high growth rate of Asia-Pacific market is due to the presence

    of low-cost android based smartwatch manufacturers in developing countries of the region, such as China.

    Among the various products, the extension smartwatch segment leads the market; whereas among all the

    operating systems, android segment leads the global market. Smartwatches are majorly used in personal

    assistance and wellness applications.

    The smartwatch reveals how smartphones are slowly transforming into a pocket computer, which can provide

    information in a wristwatch. In 2014, Google Inc. entered in the market by launching a version of Android

    operating system for smartwatches named Android wear. Following it, several other manufactures launched

    smartwatches with Android operating system. Moto 360 from Motorola, G watch from L.G., and Samsung gear

    are some of the most innovative products of the market, which are gaining attention of new users. With the

    miniaturization of sensors, and falling prices due to advancement in manufacturing technology, more number of

    sensors is expected to be used in such devices during the coming years.

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    Wearable technologies have growth opportunities in numerous areas of applications, such as disaster relief,

    medical care, anxiety disorders, behavioral disorders, autism spectrum disorders and others. Wearable sensors,

    web cameras, online social networks, and mobile phones are all part of future health support system. The future

    medical intervention methods are likely to involve pharmacology with electronic devices. Due to the evolution of

    cloud based services, there is increase in data visualization, sharing capabilities, aggregation, and data storage

    and processing.

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    Global Smartwatch Market Size, Share, Development, Growth

    and Demand Forecast to 2020

    Privacy and security is one of the most important aspects in smartwatch. The communication in wearable sensors

    applications in healthcare are mostly wireless in nature, which may cause security threats to these systems.

    These threats and attacks could cause serious troubles to the social life of the wireless sensor device user. The

    location tracking of a patient or person could be done easily, which can be used to harm the person.

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    Some of the competitors in the global smartwatch market are Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Google Inc., Sony

    Corporation, Apple Inc., Fitbit Inc., and Garmin Ltd.

    Global Smartwatch Market Segmentation

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    Personal Assistance


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    Global Smartwatch Market Size, Share, Development, Growth

    and Demand Forecast to 2020

    By Geography

    North America


    Asia -Pacific

    Rest of the World

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