Optimizing your linked in company page

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1. www.trimaxsolutions.com Social Media MarketingSydney Northern Beaches 1 of 5With Linked in being the number one professionalB2B social media site, with over 200 millionmembers and 2 million company profiles (June2013), it has become a necessity that businessutilise the network to its full advantage. LinkedInnow offers a lot more than its original function ofassisting businesses with their employment needs.Businesses can use their LinkedIn profile to postupdates, advertise vacancies and share companynews with connections that have the same industryinterests and are already engaged, with either thecompany or the industry, in which they operate.Making strong marketing campaignsOptimizing your LinkedIn company pageOptimizing your LinkedIn company page 2. 2 of 5www.trimaxsolutions.com Social Media MarketingSydney Northern BeachesKeep your business fresh in your connections mind, byappearing in their news feed regularly. You can postupdates with company news or links to industry specificinformation which might be of interest to yourconnections. Links to your website blog entries are greatfor LinkedIn updates if you have a blog set up on yourwebsite. Highlight the products and services that yourbusiness offers in the Products & Services area to makeyour connection aware of what you can do for them. Thisis a great place to include any presentations or guidesyour company has, to give your connections furtherinformation with call to actions.Updated content & highlighted offeringsOptimizing your LinkedIn company pageOptimizing your LinkedIn company page 3. www.trimaxsolutions.com3 of 5Social Media MarketingSydney Northern BeachesIncrease your companys credibility by asking forrecommendations from your satisfied customers.Recommendations will help build trust with yourconnections and are shown in the Products and Servicesarea on display for all your connections to see. It isadvisable to also encourage employees to follow yourpage and share company specific posts with theirconnections, therefore spreading your message furtherto like-minded connections. Invite your personalconnections, email subscribers and other social mediaconnections to follow your company page. You can alsoincrease your network by using social plugins on yourwebsite to enable website visitors to connect with you onLinkedIn and share your content with other users.Optimizing your LinkedIn company pageOptimizing your LinkedIn company pageExpanding network & asking recommendations 4. www.trimaxsolutions.com4 of 5Social Media MarketingSydney Northern BeachesMake sure that the cover photo you display onyour company page is eye catching andmemorable to stand out from the competition.Your cover photo needs to convey your brandpersonality and also be functional with all therequired information. As the cover photo is theonly customisable visual imagery on yourcompany page it needs to effectively engagewith your connections.Stand out from competitionOptimizing your LinkedIn company pageOptimizing your LinkedIn company page 5. www.trimaxsolutions.com4 of 5Social Media MarketingSydney Northern BeachesBy ensuring that the above recommendations are inplace, you can successfully expand your networkand enhance the quality of your message to yourLinkedIn connections. By optimising your LinkedIncompany page you should extend your reach andengage a greater number of potential customers tohopefully generate more leads for your business.Remember that the more quality content you poston your company page, in the form of updates, thehigher search engines, such as Google, will rank thecontent due search engines loving ever changing,dynamic content.The implications for your businessOptimizing your LinkedIn company pageOptimizing your LinkedIn company page