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Presentation I gave to the Order of the Golden Rule (industry association of independent funeral home directors) on social media marketing at their April 2012 conference in Alexandria, Virginia.

Text of Ogr presentation how to integrate social media into your marketing strategy (031012)

  • 1. How to Integrate Social MediaInto Your Marketing StrategyInternational Order of the Golden Rule 2012 Annual Conference Arlington, Virginia Saturday, April 21, 2012 Scott Swanay Sherpa Social Mediawww.SherpaSocialMedia.com 1

2. Presentation Outline Overview of social media Overview of specific social media tools Social media and the funeral industrywww.SherpaSocialMedia.com 2 3. Overview of Social Media Definition of social media Benefits of using social media Common misconceptions re: social media www.SherpaSocialMedia.com 3 4. Social Media - Definition An online or mobile medium that facilitatesinteractions between at least two people www.SherpaSocialMedia.com 4 5. Social Media - Benefits Share information, ideas, and items Connect with people and businesses ofinterest Demonstrate knowledge and expertise Give unfiltered feedback Receive unfiltered feedbackwww.SherpaSocialMedia.com 5 6. Social Media - Misperceptions Only for narcissists Only for young people Too late to get started Doesnt apply to my industry www.SherpaSocialMedia.com 6 7. Overview of Social Media Tools Big 4 3 Up-and-Comers Otherswww.SherpaSocialMedia.com 7 8. The Big 4 LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Blogs www.SherpaSocialMedia.com 8 9. LinkedIn Google for business Networking Researching people and companies Exchanging information Personal profiles and company pages www.SherpaSocialMedia.com 9 10. Facebook Business Pages Administer from a personal page Basic information Engage in conversations with people wholike your page Customer service Opinion polls www.SherpaSocialMedia.com 10 11. Twitter More limited than LinkedIn and Facebook Think and converse in sound bites Follow and interact with journalists andinfluential thinkers in your industry Customer service Search for information on specific topicsand the people discussing themwww.SherpaSocialMedia.com 11 12. Blogs Blog is short for weblog Assume attention span of 500-800 words Have a point of view Post on a regular schedule Allow and respond to comments www.SherpaSocialMedia.com 12 13. The 3 Up-and-Comers Google+ YouTube Webinars www.SherpaSocialMedia.com 13 14. Google+ Hasnt reached mainstream status yet Circles => selective sharing Can add whomever you want to yourcircles Share information Video chatswww.SherpaSocialMedia.com 14 15. YouTube Google property => search resultimplications How to searches increasingly common Demonstrate industry knowledge Humanize your business Keep videos short and simple Dont plan on your videos going viralwww.SherpaSocialMedia.com 15 16. Webinars Most last 60 minutes Combination of education and marketing Require participants to sign up Often leads to doing business withparticipants Leave time for Q&A www.SherpaSocialMedia.com 16 17. Other Social Media Tools Pinterest Groupon Foursquare www.SherpaSocialMedia.com 17 18. Social Media & the Funeral Industry Goals Managing across multiple channels Judging the resultswww.SherpaSocialMedia.com 18 19. Goals Educate the public Answer questions from potential clients Become trusted source of information Share ideas and best practices with othersin the industry Connect with potential vendorswww.SherpaSocialMedia.com 19 20. Managing Across MultipleChannels HootSuite TweetDeckwww.SherpaSocialMedia.com 20 21. Judging the Results # Followers/Fans by itself is meaningless Leading indicators of successo # Interactions with otherso # Times your content is sharedo # Qualified leads received as a result Bottom line is always increase in earningswww.SherpaSocialMedia.com 21 22. Social Media - Conclusions Too important to ignore Make sure communication is two-way Different messages for different audiences Listening more important than talking Use the feedback you receivewww.SherpaSocialMedia.com 22 23. Contact Info Scott Swanay President & Chief Sherpa,Sherpa Social Media Email: scott@SherpaSocialMedia.com Phone: (646) 483-3393 www.SherpaSocialMedia.com Twitter: @SherpaSocialMed Facebook: Sherpa Social Mediawww.SherpaSocialMedia.com 23