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An overview of Nourish Brands and the way we work to drive growth for food and beverage brands.


<ul><li> 1. An introduction of who we are and how we help you grow </li> <li> 2. Nourish: to cause or help to grow </li> <li> 3. Nourish: what we believe What you eat and drink out of home you will one day consume within your home. We work with brands and businesses across both sectors. </li> <li> 4. What is Nourish? A marketing and business consultancy that specialises in the food and beverage industry. We work with consumer product and hospitality businesses, to help them identify opportunities for growth and then develop ways to deliver that growth. What are we good at? Consumer brand growth Helping you to define your brand platform ie. What your brand stands for and then bringing this to life in a way that drives sales. Your brand platform can come to life in many ways, whether it be developing new product / service ideas, new ways of taking products to market or advertising and marketing campaigns. Hospitality business growth We work with you to understand how your venue works or doesnt, then help you to deliver a positive return. We can help you understand and establish your cost of goods, create your menu, staff training and recruitment criteria, venue design and fit-out. </li> <li> 5. Our business exists to help you grow yours Its that simple Working with us We help you drive growth by developing ideas, You wont find us in a big office with people sitting it might be a new product idea, a brand idea or a around waiting to be allocated a clients job. This is marketing idea. because we believe in matching the right team of people to work on your brief. Once we understand your needs we hand select the best in breed creative minds to work exclusively on your project. This approach helps us keep our overheads down, so you can get the top end of town people, without the top end of town prices. </li> <li> 6. Who we like to work with to grow your business We have developed working relationships with the following independent agencies who are experts in their field. In addition we are happy to work with your own stable of specialist partners. Business strategy Culture Brand Design Publicity and PR Brand strategy Identity Packaging Design Entertainment experts New product development Organisational Design Structural Design Campaign development Campaign management Trade marketing Project management AdNews 2009 Experiental B&amp;T 2009 Experiental 2009 Cool Company agency of the year agency of the year Awards, Top 50 Coolest Sampling Experiential environments BRW 2010 Fast Starters Events Trade shows Qualitative research Promotions Quantitative research Youth marketing </li> <li> 7. How we grow our minds Nourish Global Food Tour 2010 | Singapore | Sri Lanka | Morocco | Prague | Italy | France | New York Each year we head off around the world to experience first hand whats happening in food and beverage. This year we came back with 5 key insights, we use these to help our clients develop ideas that will be on trend. 1. The Community of Food 2. Twist on the familiar 3. Once upon a time 4. Be my guest 5. Friends as guiding lights </li> <li> 8. 3 things we do really well Create Create Create new brands or new product marketing reposition ideas campaigns existing ones </li> <li> 9. Increased sales by 60% and built the brand with a magazine campaign M OST TEAS COME IN A BAG. C HAI M Y GREEN TEA I VE MARRIED I PREFER F A NC Y A SO SULTRY, IT EVEN HAS A SPRINKLE WHITE TEA AND ROSE. A SILK PURSE. POD WEARS SILK. OF FAIRY DUST. HOW ROMANTIC. OF TEA? I prefer to slip my spicy chai into something Its a magical story. First, I gather my favourite When the pot is just too much fuss, try my loose leaf tea, grown in the remote Jiangxi Ive paired rare Peony White tea with a unique infuser pods. Unlike ordinary bags, a little sexier than just any old paper tea bag. scattering of rose petals to create my exquisitely these delicate silky pouches allow room for the This sensual blend deserves my silken province. Then, in the cool of evening, I fold in fragrant new blend. The scent is subtle, Paper? Never. I choose to accessorise with my unique silken infuser pods. longer loose leaves to unfurl and release their thousands of delicate jasmine buds. And wait. infuser podwhere the cinnamon, cardamom, Not only gorgeous, they are designed to release the full flavour and aroma of my Overnight, an exquisite transformation occurs. the flavour just a hint sweeter, the health-giving distinctive flavour and aroma. Never one to settle fennel, ginger, plus a daring dash of Gippsland antioxidants extraordinarily rich. One bud for the usual, Ive also made Earl Grey a little The dry tea coaxes the moist buds open, longer leaf blends, all hand-picked from my favourite boutique estates. Mountain Pepper leaf can intermingle and release and two leaves are hand-picked, then ever so more colourful with a dash of homegrown releasing their heavenly fragrance. Miraculous. their heady scent. Its the perfect warming cup gently dried in the mountain sun before being Why fuss with a pot when you can enjoy a pod? Try new White with Rose, Lemon Myrtle. Really, hes a new man. Experience it for yourself brewed to aromatic for any time of the day. So if you like Chai tea you lovingly united in my unique silken infuser pods. available in August. Subtle and romantic, its the perfect match of delicacy Visit and discover my perfection in my unique silkeninfuser pods. will love my Sultry Chai. For more of my range, Ah, the perfect match of delicacy and pure luxury. intriguing Chai and Green Tea blends. Visit me at for more. and pure luxury. For more about my range, visit today. visit Visit me at for stockist details. Find me in Woolworths, Safeway and selected Independent stores. MF 012 MF 013 F MF 007 New White with R h Rose. Available for your convenience at Woolworths, Woolwor Available in selected Safeway, Woolworth vailable Safeway Woolworths Available in August....</li></ul>