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Netflix Digital Strategy

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Final Assignment for Skillshare Course - Crash Course in Digital Strategy. Tutor: Julian Cole.

Text of Netflix Digital Strategy


2. Hemlock Grove is unlike anything else in itsgenre. Its sexy, gripping, emotional and twisted, and were certain viewers are going to be captivated by its intensity.- Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer 2 3. OUR ROOTS Creative Commons Flickr by reid3 4. We have moved from "The Tube", to HBO, DVD, Satellite, Blu-ray and now smart TVs.4 Creative Commons Flickr by Medhi 5. Then the internet camealong and busted thechains that bound us toour cable boxes. 5Creative Commons Flickr by x-ray delta one 6. NETFLIX CAME ALONG AND NOW, WAITING, IS DEAD 6 7. THE LANDSCAPE IS CHANGINGTRADITIONAL TVON DEMAND TV WHAT WE WANT YOU TO WATCH WHAT YOU WANTWHEN WE WANT YOU TO WATCH ITWHEN YOU WANT ITTHE RESULT: We are more in control of our viewing habits than we use to be 7 8. NETFLIXS PLAN8 9. Release ORIGINAL content made by the hottest writers, directors and producers,releasing the whole series at once 9Creative Commons Flickr by Martin Howard 10. Netflixs first ORIGINAL series, House of Cards,has already been deemed a great success10 Creative Commons Flickr by Martin Howard 11. AND NETFLIX WANTS HEMLOCK GROVE TO BE THE SAME11 12. PROBLEMHardly anybody knows about Hemlock Grove and its release on April 19th 201312Creative Commons Flickr by aturka 13. Comms Priority Increase awareness of Hemlock Grove amongst horror fansAcquire 595,000 new subscribersBudget $150,000Timing by June 2013 13 14. WHO ARE WETALKING TO?14 15. CULT HORROR FANS Frank, 25, NYC. Writer and freelance illustrator. Graphic novel and computer game fanatic. Watched Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Ginger Snaps as a teenager. Watched most horror TV series. Favourite so far is American Horror Story. TOP HORROR SITES fc.com fearnet.com cinemassacre.com horror-movies.ca cinemassacre.com shocktillyoudrop.com scaryforkids.com horror-movies.ca shelf-life.ew.com aintitcool.com 15Creative Commons Flickr by gaudiramone 16. PROPOSITION16 17. StrategyTarget horror fans, using Hemlock Grove to hook them into becoming Netflix subscribers.InsightThe thrill of being scared when watching TV horror shows is addictive. Its such a painwhen you have to wait for the next episode.PropositionHemlock Grove on Netflix is the worlds longest ever horror fest.Reasons To BelieveNo one has ever released a continual stream of high quality horror at once. Now horrorfans, depending on how brave they are, can watch the 13 hour blood bath whenever theywant. 17 Creative Commons Flickr by Seyed Mostafa Zamani 18. HOW 18Creative Commons Flickr by monophonic.grrrl 19. NOT BY THE RUN OF THE MILL TV HORRORPROMOTION: VAMPIRE YOURSELF FB APPS, GET GLUECHECK-INS, AND LIKE THIS CAMPAIGNS.19 20. BUT BY CREATING AN UNDERGROUND, VIRAL CAMPAIGN, THATBUILDS SUSPENSE AND INTRIGUE AMONGST AUDIENCE. 20 21. IDEA THE IDEA21Creative Commons Flickr by derrickT 22. #WBHC THE WORLDSBIGGEST HORRORCHALLENGE 22 23. TO WATCH 13 HOURSOF HEMLOCK GROVE INONE SITTING23 24. YOU THINK YOUREBRAVE ENOUGH? 24 25. NETFLIX DARES YOU 25 26. Those that accept and sign up to thechallenge will be monitored by WEBCAMIf you fall asleep, go out, or get too scaredand turn off the TV, the Netflix team willknow26 27. THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE, YOU CAN SEE WHOS MADEIT AS FAR AS YOU 2000peoplehave made it toepisode 1027 28. AND AT EVERY MAJOR STEP 1 HOUR3 HOURS 6 HOURS9 HOURS 13 HOURSYoull get a BADGE to share via Twitter or Facebook toprove how tough you really are 28 29. AND FOR THOSE THAT MAKE IT TOEPISODE 1329 30. RECEIVE A VINEHORROR FILM MADEFOR YOU BY ELI ROTH30 31. EXECUTINGTHE IDEA 31Creative Commons Flickr by The Wandering Angel 32. COMMUNICATIONS FRAMEWORK 32 33. DIGITAL ECOSYSTEM33 34. AWARENESSSEARCHAdwords buy for horror, shows TWITTER similar to, Netflix, all directing to Target people tweeting about similarHemlock Grove microsite. horror shows to Hemlock Grove. BANNERSSOCIAL BOOKMARKING On news sites and top horror blogBuzzfeed, StumbleUpon, & Reddit sites directing to Hemlock Groveads directing to microsite.microsite. FACEBOOK ADSStandard ads directing to Hemlock Grove microsite, page postsdirecting to microsite, andsponsored stories for new post andpage links.34 35. CONSIDERATION BANNERSPlaced on IMDB similar TV showpages. EARNED MEDIAInfluencer outreach to popular horrorbloggers.SOCIAL ADSPointed at favourable earned media coverage.35 36. BUYING REMARKETINGGoogle remarketing with tagsoriginating on microsite.SEARCHAdwords buy for competitive shows,horror, and similar to, directing backto microsite. 36 37. 37 38. BUDGETMicrosite $50,000Search $20,000Banners $20,000PR Blogger Outreach $10,000FB ads and sponsored stories $20,000YouTube Ads $30,000Total Costs $150,000 38 39. TIMINGSToday = Sign-offMarch 2nd = Build MicrositeMarch 17th = Pre Campaign MeasurementMarch 18th = Account SetupMarch 20th = Creative DevelopmentApril 5th = Blogger OutreachApril 12th = Campaign LaunchApril 13th - 1st May = Ad Buy PostMay 4th = Campaign Measurement39 40. THANK YOUQUESTIONS @MATTBUTLER0740