How to Engage People using Social Media

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Slides of my presentation to the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce on March 5th


  • 1. Frithjof Petscheleit Business Coach Tweet4ok Social Media 2013

2. social media is the new word-of-mouth social media marketing leads to new customers repeat business referrals4 2014 3. A new Dimension to Marketing Customer Service Communication Networking A new Customer Connected Informed Greater Reach 4. social media endorsements = ROI likelihood of purchase when referred by social media 7%71% more likely if referredmore likely if not referred Source: Hubspot, January 20129 2014 5. 10 2014 6. discover preferred channels add social icons to email campaigns to define your audiences preferred channels your contacts want to keep in touch, but on their terms1111 2014 7. whats right for my business?Facebook12LinkedInTwitterPinterestInstagramGoogle+ 2014 8. why create a business page?1,000,100,000 active users522,000,000 daily users Source: Facebook15 2014 9. should I be using Twitter?288,000,000 active users Source: Global Web Index (February 2013)88% follow at least one brand Source: TechCrunch (October 2012)16 2014 10. should I be using LinkedIn?83% of B-2-B marketers are using LinkedIn Source: Content Marketing Institute (October 2012)33% | 52% Nonprofits and Associations using LinkedIn Source: Nonprofit Social Network Survey Report17 2014 11. should I be using Pinterest?10,400,000 active users Source: Customer Magnetism (May 2012)21% of users purchased something they saw on Pinterest Source: PriceGrabber (April 2012)18 2014 12. should I be using Instagram?100 million monthly active users Source: Instagram40 million images are uploaded every day Source: WebHostingBuzz (March 2013)19 2014 13. should I be using Google+?343 million monthly active users Source: GlobalWebIndex (February 2013)5 billion times is how often the Google +1 button is used per day Source:,20 2014 14. tools to manage + monitor Hootsuite23 2014 15. Askopen ended questions Listen React asap Follow up Build alliances with others Post relevant content regularly 16. social media donts what NOT to include in your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Updates. dont pitch. dont overtly self-promote. dont offer incentives to get reviews or sharing. dont stray from your areas of business into: personal information, politics, sports, religion, etc.29 2014 17. address and encourage positivity positive comments are an opportunity spread the messagerespondsay thank you!answer questionsshare comments through other marketing channelsconsider rewarding positive posters30 2014 18. turn negativity around always reach out to the customer. let your network know that you are addressing the issue. always seek to satisfy and delight, not defend.31 2014 19. The real power is in the network! Dont confuse social proof with follower counts Brand advocates are word of mouth on steroids The ROI of Social Media is Does my business still exist in 5 years Stop Selling! 20. CONSTANT CONTACT TOOLSINTRODUCTIONGOALS + OBJECTIVESCAMPAIGNSCHANNELSRESULTSTOOLSSUMMARY 2013 21. FREE Email Quick Start - $149 value! Buy today to receive: Account set-up Contact list upload Website matchEnter promo code:Until March 31FEB14EMAIL35 2013