Using Social Media to Engage & Inspire

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Overview of social media's unique hallmarks & examples of philanthropic foundations that are using it well. Presented at Philanthropy Northwest'a Corporate Philanthropy Institute.

Text of Using Social Media to Engage & Inspire


2. WHERE ARE YOU? How effective is your company at telling the story of your charitable work via social media? 3. WHERE ARE YOU? How skilled do you feel at using social media in your job? 4. STARTING POINT 5. LISTENING 6. LISTENINGOne way interaction 7. LISTENINGYes, I can hear you now. 8. BROADCAST 9. BROADCASTPersonal, timely stories 10. BROADCASTGive stories the focus theydeserve 11. ERODING BARRIERS 12. ERODING BARRIERSCreate sense of communityin your company 13. ERODING BARRIERSDo more than make grants tocreate change 14. WHATS THE FUTURE? 15. VISUAL 16. BE WHERE PEOPLEARE 17. BE WHERE PEOPLEAREBlogging on social networksinstead of a blog 18. SOCIAL CURATION &CROWD SOURCING 19. MEET YOUR PANEL Fidelma McGinn Jane Broom Vice President The Seattle Foundation Director WA State Community AffairsMicrosoft 20. MICROSOFT 21. MICROSOFT 22. MICROSOFT 23. MICROSOFT 24. THE SEATTLEFOUNDATION 25. THE SEATTLEFOUNDATION 26. THE SEATTLEFOUNDATION 27. THE SEATTLEFOUNDATION