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  1. 1. b zztzrf.- r 1 3: Group,Inc.K"' PP'i'""i'3'%A"' *' '". .-arwasn Pnlish&Prnte1.:1ivecnaun. .
  2. 2. ' ,. _ r.Ge!In Where You Fit In! , ,, f}; ';f', ;,mg Bu-illidii-ng a Real I A o GFOHPI . I,II. C,.An Opportunity Jusl for You for Real People!- Estdblished 1997 - Launched in the MLM Industry 2015 - Debt Free Company - Distributor First Culture - Led by CEO Rdndy Evdns - 25 Yedrs MLM Experience - Top Edmer. .. Top Trdiner. .. Now FQUnder___ www. RundyEvons. om It's All about Loving on Your People! *,ii/ Rdndy Evdns /x " -K.
  3. 3. Obviously an Extra Income. ..But,What are You Going to do With It? Eliminate Debt - Get That Vacation Done 6 New Toy. .. Home. ... It's OK to Dream!Especially When it's Possible! What if it's Just an Extra $250-$500 a Week?Like an Extra Pay Check? _lVg-'{lIlI_IIII, 1
  4. 4. - Product Lines. .. - The System. .. - The Marketing Tools. .. - The Leadership. .. and the Most Powerful Compensation Model in Direct Sales History STARTING WITH A 40% PROFIT! I I 1 4' I N Alll We lNre: e:d Is YOU. cal Wasll,Pnlisli & Prnleclivr:mung
  5. 5. Our First Product Line. .. Why is this the Perfect Product Line for Direct Sales?The 30 Second Demonstration Does it ALL!Easy Marketing Plan!Show the DEMO!If You DON'T Show It!You Blow It!www. DuaIPoIym or fa 855 463 7779 encom .. - Distributors wan,ed U. S. Population 318.9 Million Huge - 253 Million Cars on the Road U. S. u S - 18.4 Million Motorcycles in the U. S. ' One out of every 36 people you meet. ( _| i| California is Number one with 700,000! Murkei - 15.9 Million Boats in the US. E - 8.9 Million RVs in the us. An Opportunity Just lor You
  6. 6. Why is ii Awasoma?1l. f.. 1r: :S1i: .'l")'. ::l. ;: .2.: 'f: .:: ;: .1Coating Since 1997!Have Better Results. .. I; t's Faster and Helps the Environment Conserve Drinking Water with Every Use!Cleans. .. Polishes Out Fine Scratches and Swirls andApplies an Acrylic Resin Protective Coating. ..In One Process,In MINUTES,Not HOURS!All WITHOUT Water! Watch the Demonstration Video! M iES * &rsun. ms_- /1. . car Wl? ll, Pllll$h&'Prnlecw cm. ..
  7. 7. What About Reviews?'| ~I| Al&1 + a. :l5AM mm M W , m a. ,,, l.i(Messagesl2i-EJSAM M , ,,, .,. ... ,m. ,.. ... l.. r. i otevothe 3 D,mls vl! 2,,responsive to mesa? e. -l uv awn" .llm, -. grease'9' lIllhAE58l1dme 9n :0 miiiures tile a nelqli
  8. 8. DlulalIPoIym: e:r is aln Elntilre Plrordlurct Lillie. Tire and Trim - Metal Polish Oxidation Remover - AcryWAX Fabric & Upholstery Leather Cleaner & Conditioner MG ! m r n or uni us or ou
  9. 9. 77 An Opportunity Just for You
  10. 10. ALL Customers are AUTOMATICALLY Enrolled as Basic Distributors. - 25% Discount on All Personal Purchases FOR LIFE!- 25% Profit on any On Line Retail Orders!- Virtual On Line Office to Manage your Business.- Your Own Retail Website - Entire Compensation Plan Open - Full Detail Kit ($99.95 Retail Value) - 1000 Custom Business Cards- 10% Discount on All Personal Purchases FOR LIFE! - 10% Profit on any On Line Retail Orders! - Virtual On Line Office to Manage " your Business. - Your Own Retail WebsiteTl7% lxlllii Fer l-ll! !!225% oil?For. l-llili! Can NOT participate in any commissions other than RETAIL PROFITS75 BV 75 FSBV. .l J@'. "Prl. '3rlAn Opportunity Just for You- 40% Discount on All Personal Purchases FOR LIFE!- 40% Profit on any On Line Retail Orders!- Virtual On Line Office to Manage your Business.- Your Own Retail Website - Entire Compensation Plan Open - Full Detail Kit ($99.95 Retail Value) - 1000 Custom Business Cards - 1000 Custom Post Cards50% oliil For. T-. T.l. =iEE 'l25BV - 'l25FSBV , . - eR. ..I '59 gal llsll,Pllllsll & nleclive nu
  11. 11. Rel-ail Profits. .. Wholesa le Profits. ..Retail Profits can be generated in person or off of Wh_'e3'e From 0'9 9eeled bV hVl_9 9 higher your Retail Website we provide.Your retail profit level prf'l mcrgm tho 0 persqlolly enrolled dmmbulor .is designated by your Enrollment Level.It Is a FOR LIFE that you enrolled Every me lhey purchase Somelhmgyou are paid!You must have SOBV in personal volume within the last 30 days to be paid this commission. Profit Margin and you can upgrade to higher profit margins at any time. You as an ELITE (40%) Basic Distributor!0% O / / Malnagilng Distrilbutor 0 /:3BASIC IMAILI IMANI ELITE Ell-"IE 0 (i'o/ T.) (E) (E517/. ) (E) D]Is"'rIlblu'lr 0 Your Personally Enrolled DistributorsWEEKLY WEEKLY __ . /z. - (6MG WATERAn Opportunity Just for You$551.1! Wilsll,Pllllsll & l'l'llll. 'l2l'lVl!mun.
  12. 12. Fast Stalrt Bolnlul . .. '" "" '%Fast Start Bonuses FSB are paid asNew Distributors are Enrolled.You arenot just paid on your personally enrolledbut the personally enrolled of others you,p, ,.sn, "y 2 5 of up to FOUR levels below you.As you ; .,. ..ne. | 0 advance through the ranks you quality for El"! more levels of FSB pay!(Tit-/ :>) The Fast Start is based on the Fast StartBonus Volume FSBV assigned to each heir Personally 0 enrollment kit.Enrolled 0 EX:Managing Distributor FSBV 75 MAN. ELITE Distributor FSBV 125 iz. -'-To) Keep in mind that it also pays in theBinary Tree for even more commissions Their Personuuy 0 on all enrollments.Enrolled You must have 50BV in personal volume ELITE 0within the last 30 days to be paid this (40%) commission.U ' Their Personally 0 Enrolled 0 ML-$ PAID WEEKLYAn Opportunity Just for You(25%)
  13. 13. SOG Your, Sg'_O_[l_SOR { Vi V l ) '-l HWe don't build levels at Evans Marketing Group, 'we build TWO TEAMS.A RIGHT team and a LEFT team. / /-/_i__i_i, _]:ALL customers and new distributors go in one of the Y ( 13". : 4o. /teams.As distributors above you enroll others,they v _ _ our?"n_ V (7 _ oi _ _may also show up in your team under you (spill over).Lt~ i i ;,*A ~ t Their purchasing and sales creates Binary Vo| ume(BV).A . .Each item has a BV assigned to it to pay in this Y'"R'9M Te/ m Y"' ''" '''" Binary Tree.As BV accumulates in both teams .) you will be paid 10% of the weaker leg or 5 (r " 1 . ..5% matching on both sides.Any volume not o 5* . .( _paid on will be ROLLED OVER to next week if_you have 50BV In personal volume wlthln ; " l.-the last 30 days.It will never FLUSH as long " .7 :_ _ 7"( Aas you have your 50BV.[Y .( i I l (T , You must have SOBV in personal volume " " i."within the last 30 days to be paid this - 7" V_ J -4 -. commission.Also must have one personally . ~ ,y i ( ,enrolled on your right leg and one on your, left leg that is active with 5OBV within the , , 7 ' i 7' < last 30 days.Binary commissions are capped at $25,000/week. THE MORE YOU BUILD,V (_ 'l'l-IE MORE YOU CAN EARN L ' i i lEvan;, sit Allurlgeling ' Group,Inc.
  14. 14. Rainik Advain: c:ement Bonuses. ..This is a one time bonus paid when you have rank advanced to your next rank level. Paid on the week you achieved your rank.BRONZE 0 You must have SOBV in personal volume SILVER $50 within the last 30 days to be paid this GOLD $100 commission. PLATINUM $250Qver RUBY $1000EMERALD $2500$ I 70,0010 Available " '5.DOUBLE DIAMOND $10,000 In Rank Advancement "E'AM" $'BLACK DIAMOND $35,000 Bonuses! AMBASSADOR $100,000 Follow the Rank Advances and they can Retire You! - , -J i V,Exams _M6%irAii. Es5An Opportunity Just for You 1,1! Wllsll, & l'l'lllEl. lM!nallnn
  15. 15. Lifestyle Rewairds. ..This is a huge part of the compensation plan that starts at Gold Executive. These rewards are paid every monthyou are qualified at the Rank specified. The THREE and SEVEN Day Cruises and the European Vacation is an Annual Reward.You can be New at the Rank specified or have held it eight months of the last twelve.Life the Life You Love at EMG! SEVEN oayw _: ___f,I V DIAMOND DtInation! " . ..*: @I: iEvans F ' Ma rketing I group,Inc. An Opportunity Just lor You 1,11! Wtlsll, & ll'lllEl. llVl!Cnlllnu
  16. 16. Rainik AdVIIIIIieIIIe1II-ES - Fozllliow these to FireedoznnilWe want to recognize and reward those of you that are leading and advancing in the field.We do this by assigning ranks with certain criteria as seen below. Rank PV FSBL BV WEEKS PED RAV Bonus PERK BRONZE 503V 1 LEVEL 250BV I WEEK 2 0 O SILVER 503V 2 LEVELS IOOOBV I WEEK 2 $50 0 GOLD 503V 3 LEVELs 2500BV 1 WEEK 4 $100 $100 LIFESTYLE PLATINUM 50BV 3 LEVELS 5000BV I WEEK 4 $250 $200 LIFESTYLE RUBY ioogv 4 LEVELS 7,50OBV 2 WEEKS 5 $1000 $300 LIFESTYLE /3 DAY CRUISE EMERALD IOOBV 4 LEVELS I2,500BV 2 WEEKS 5 $2500 $400 LIFESTYLE DIAMOND ioosv 4 LEvELs 20,000BV 2 WEEKS 5 $5000 $500 LIFESTYLE DOUBLE DIAMOND IOOBV 4 LEVELS 40,000BV 3 WEEKS 7 $I0,000 $1000 LIFESTYLE /7 DAY CRUISE BLUE DIAMOND iooav 4 LEVELS 65,000BV SWEEKS 7 $20,000 $1750 LIFESTYLE BLACK DIAMOND 2ooBV 4 LEVELS 90,000BV SWEEKS 7 $35,000 $2250 LIFESTYLE AMBASSADOR 200BV 4 LEVELS I20,000BV 4WEEKS 7 $100,000 $10,000 LIFESTYLE EUROPEAN VACATIONPV - Your 30 day personal volumeFSBL - This is the Fast Start Bonus Levels you are paid for at that rankBV - Your weak leg binary volume within a weekWEEKS - How many weeks in a row you have to maintain the BVPED - Number of personally enrolled distributors with 5OBV within 30 days RAV Bonus - Rank Advancement Bonus_ ! !.l / l// I An Opportunity Just lor You call WIISII, & ll'lllEEVl!Cnallnu
  17. 17. Never Miss a Commission!Au-toshiitp Commission Insurance! ALL of our commissions and bonuses with the exception of RETAIL PROFITS require you to be ACTIVE with 50BV in volume.You can enroll in this monthly product package and forget about it,knowing you will always beACTIVE.This is an optional program and can be canceled,changed,or activated within your Virtual Office or by calling 855.463.7779 or emailing support@corpEMG. com. The package includes. .. , Four 3202 Trigger DuaIPo| ymer Waterless Wash and Polish andFour Product and Business Brochures.sonvPlus Shipping/ Sales Tax if in Florida"|0rM| 5 " cats - Boats 4?ll Motorcycles - 5"; Exams Llgrketma @3922, us. -An Opportunity Just