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Physician Flip Chart. The Egg Donation Process. Ottawa Fertility Centre. Topics to be discussed. Should I consider treatment with egg donation? Who are the egg donors? What are logistics between my cycle and my donor? What is recipient screening? What are the pregnancy rates? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Physician Flip Chart

Physician Flip ChartOttawa Fertility CentreThe Egg Donation ProcessShould I consider treatment with egg donation?Who are the egg donors?What are logistics between my cycle and my donor?What is recipient screening?What are the pregnancy rates?What are my financial options?

Topics to be discussedOptions AvailableIdeal choice would be using your own egg and partner sperm

If the ideal option is not feasible the remaining options are:Adoption Donor EggChoosing Not to have Children4When is Egg Donation Needed?Genetics of Aging Oocyte

Maternal AgeChromosomal AbnormalityNewborns301/385351/192401/66411/53421/42431/33441/26451/21Reproductive Medicine Associates: Genetics 2003-2004ACOG publicationsEffects of Age on Pregnancy Rates

Oocyte Number

Donor Screening RequirementsWomen between the ages of 21 32 yearsHeight & Weight Proportionate (BMI