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    To help you, the following are instructions on how to hold a class: Opening, Body, and Close. I believe this will help you customize your Class, making it and your flip chart your very own!

    The price of success in this business is the Skin Care Class.

    A ‘Full Circle Class’ helps you to maximize your time, giving you the best results.

    The 3 B’s in Full Circle are BASICS, BOOKINGS, & BUSINESS PARTNERS. That’s what you’re wanting from every class. These Flip Chart notes will help you to accomplish the 3 B’s!

    ASSEMBLY DIRECTIONS (This page does not go in the flip chart itself)

    1) Print out all the pages. You will be cutting and pasting on some of the pages and at other times adding complete pages. I’ve tried to make it as clear as possible but don’t hesitate to call me. Cut them out to fit the flip chart page along the light grey lines, making sure to cut off the right side, so it does not cover the pictures that show you what they’re seeing on the front side. (I also have this Flip Chart saved in Publisher so you can revise it.)

    2) On front of Flip Chart: I use the front of the actual flip chart from the company. Once you unwind the first wire loop, you will easily be able to pull it apart. Page 1—you will need to copy this in order for it to work in the flip chart. Page one is the script side. Page 2—Hostess Program Tip: Use photo quality/glossy paper. It looks more professional Pages 3—7 are all new pages I have added. Page 6: I tape my current Star Prize I’m going for and my Seminar Goal/Prize.

    DO NOT PRINT! These are just instructions and tips!

  • Pages 8—14 (flip chart pages 2, 3, 4) are from the flip chart. Page 8 is the Mary Kay picture from page 1 that you made a copy of. The only thing I add is on page 13 (flip chart page 4), after talking about the guarantee, I talk about no more makeup graveyard. Page 15—(flip chart page 5) Page 16 is flip chart picture of miracle set. Page 17 is flip chart page 6. Page 18 is flip chart picture of cleanser. Page 19 is flip chart picture of day/night. Page 20 is flip chart page 8, no changes. Page 21 is flip chart picture of timewise moisturizer. Page 22 is flip chart page 9 Page 23 is flip chart picture of foundation. Page 24 is flip chart page 10—no changes Page 25 is a new page, picture of miracle set. Page 26 is a new page. Page 27 is flip chart picture of benefits. Page 28 is flip chart page 11. Page 29 is flip chart picture of custom compact. Page 30 is flip chart page 12. Page 31 is flip chart picture of 2 women. Page 32 is flip chart page 13. Page 33 is flip chart picture of ultimate miracle set. Page 34 is flip chart page 14. Page 35 is flip chart picture of “imagine your new vision of beauty”. Page 36 is flip chart page 15. Add at the bottom to finish with Satin Hands.

  • CLASS PREP (from SSD Melissa Mays) BOOK: If booking from a sure that she filled out the back of her Customer Profile Card with the 5 names and

    numbers. I use this list to pre-profile (call her guests and get them excited about coming by asking them the questions on the profile card and building a rapport). Even if she does not get her guest list to me, I can still usually get 2 out 5 people to

    show, ensuring that the class holds.

    COACH: Give her a *Hostess Packet and go thru it with her at the time of bookingl You will establish what her sales goal is by totaling up all the products she didn’t purchase that night. This info should be on the back of her Profile Card. Be sure to send her a Thank you card. You want to remind her of her date and the FREE products & gifts you are excited about

    helping her to earn.

    SELL: Be sure to have enough Ultimate Miracle Sets for everyone at the class. People will wait on color, but you really want to send them home with their Skin Care that night. I like to have a new filled Roll-up Bag to show during my class clos-

    ing. If there’s room, I put it in the middle of the table for them to stare at all thru the class!

    RECRUIT: 4 Point Recruiting Plan: 1) Ask your Hostess before the Class, “Who do you know that’s coming tonight that would be good at what I about YOU?” 2) Tell your heartfelt, enthusiastic I-story. Tell why you began your

    business and what it means to you. 3) Select at least one person to share more about the opportunity with. You can plant seeds by sending guests home with a CD/Brochure and scheduling a time to pick it up, preferably at their Personal Make- over Session. I offer a 50% off product for listening and returning the CD to me. 4) Offer a gift to anyone who refers

    someone to you that becomes an ACTIVE Consultant on your team. I offer a $50 Mary Kay Shopping Spree.

    CLASS SET-UP • Ask the Hostess where you’ll be conducting the Class. Set a beautiful table. You may want to use a large Pink or Black

    table cloth and put the Roll-up Bag in the middle if there’s room. I also like to put the Hostess “Gift” she’s working for out there as well.

    • Set up your “office”, where you’ll be doing your 1 on 1 appointments at the end of the class. Have your tote bag with your Hostess Packets, Money Bag, Calculator, etc. Remember during your 1 on 1 to sit facing everyone so your guest will

    have her back to them. This keeps her from being distracted. • Do MicroDermabrasion on the Hostesses one hand. Have her do this for her guests as they arrive. Then you can bring

    them over to the table to fill out their Profile Card. Fill their tray with the appropriate Skin Care and foundation.

    *Hostess Packet includes: Look Book, Hostess Brochure, Team Building Brochure & CD, 5 Sales Tickets, & 10 Class Reminder Postcards.

    Place this page where it has set up tips, BACK COVER

  • Tonight I will be helping the Hostess with her customized look. I

    will teach her how to apply it using our Professional Brushes. You’ll

    be doing your own makeup tonight but everyone here will receive a

    personal makeover session with me and I’ll show you what colors to

    wear and how to apply them. When we get together at the end for

    your individual consultation to discuss your beauty needs and ques-

    tions, we can schedule your glamour appointment at that time.

    Page 1

    I insert this in the 3rd

    paragraph, right after

    “you’ll try more great

    Mary Kay products”,

    covering the rest of the


  • The Perfect The Perfect The Perfect The Perfect Gift Gift Gift Gift

    For the Perfect


    Have a Perfect ClassPerfect ClassPerfect ClassPerfect Class!!!!

    • 2222 Bookings • $200$200$200$200 in Sales

  • • Now I’d like to share with you what ____ gets tonight for being a Hostess! I want you all to relax and have fun because there is no purchase re- quired. Just for sharing me with her friends & family, our Hostess will receive $75 in product for only $35! That’s $40 in FREE product! Or, she could earn up to 20% of her total sales in FREE PRODUCT, whichever ends up being more. If you are tempted...and I know you will be...I have the products here with me so you can have them tonight! Just so you know, I take VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, CHECK, CASH and H.U.P. (H.usband U.nawareness P.lan.) Now, let me tell you about the PERFECT HOSTESS GIFT. She can also earn one of these fabulous gifts; Lighted Mirror, Roll-up Bag, Brush Collection, or our Featured (currnet/past) Hostess Gift, when she has $200 in sales and 2 bookings.

    Page 3—New page

  • Hostess Contest

    March 16—June 15, 2010

    Hostess Recognition

    Will be held

    July 12, 2010


    Best Western

    Bedford, PA

    January 1—December 31, 2010

    Top 10 Customers

    Earn a prize from me!

    Top Customer

    Earns this!!

    Page 4—new page

    July 14, 2010


    Linda Johnson’s Home

    280 W Whitehall Rd

    State College, PA


  • • And finally, she will be invited to attend out Customer Appreciation Night at the Best Western in Bedford and will have the opportunity to win a treasure chest full of the Mary Kay products she loves! Now any- one who purchases products tonight will also be invited and be able to participate in the product giveaways but only ____ will have an opportu- nity to win the treasure chest unless you also become one of my hostesses!

    • Now let me tell you what I have in place for all my customers. You receive

    gifts with purchase all year long and 5% back of what you spend with me for the year at my annual Christmas party! If you are one of my top 20 customers, you get a Christmas present and my #1 gets this gorgeous Sterling Silver CZ Cluster Ring! Are you excited?

    • You can shop with me 24/7 on my website and there’s no charge for ship- ping or delivery. I will also mail you our catalogue called The Look each quarter, which includes FREE samples of the new products. Who loves free samples?

    • You get me a couple times a year for a Check-Up from the neck up, where

    I make sure your products are working great and you’re foundation shade is perfect. What a lot of my customers do is get back tog