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Rheumatic Heart Disease is a Notifiable disease Please contact the RHD register Top End Ph: 08 892 28454 Fax: 08 892 28310 Email: Central Australia Ph: 08 895 16909 Fax: 08 895 16920 Email:

The worm represents the Strep germ, which causes rheumatic fever. Kindly provided by Aboriginal artist/research officer Chidanpee, Norma Benger, Menzies School of Health Research, Darwin, NT.

Is it rheumatic feverSore knees ankles wrists elbows Heart murmur Hard to breath Jerking twitching movements of the body Hot person Recent sore throat or skin sores

A germ called Strep has got into your throat or skin from sores Strep germ can affect your brain, heart and joints Strep germ is too small for you to see

Tests for rheumatic feverThroat swab Blood tests ECG heart test Hospital for an echo heart test

MedicineA needle every 28 days or full moon for many years to stop the strep germ You need to be brave The health worker or nurse will give the needle slowly You can have Panadol after the needle

NeedlesRemember your needles use the Full Moon Needle Calendar

NeedlesDont miss any needles you can get Rheumatic Fever again. Every time you get Rheumatic Fever you heart can get damaged. You might have to go to Adelaide or Melbourne for an operation.

Keep cleanSkin sores Sore tooth SORE THROAT clinic dentist CLINIC

Wash with soap every day Wash your hands before eating Wash your hands after toilet Wear clean clothes

Family too!When there is someone in your family who has Rheumatic Fever go to the clinic for a check up