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  • Force in Fluid Systems

  • 4 states of matter

    Flip chart activity


  • Fluids

    A fluid can be a liquid or a gas

  • Hydraulic Systems

    A fluid system that uses a liquid as the fluid

  • Pneumatic

    A fluid system that uses a gas as the fluid

  • DensitySee page 30 for the Density Table 1.4

    Density = mass / volume

    Ex : 2 silver cubes

  • Rearranging Equations Density = mass / volume


    D V

    D = m / Vm = D V V = m / D

  • Table: Density VariableEnglishSIDensityDlb-masskg yd3m3



  • Density Ex:What is the density of an object that has a mass of 30 kg and a volume of 60 m3?

    Density = mass / volumeD = 30 kg / 60 m3D = 0.5 kg/ m3

  • VolumeA Rectangular Object

    Volume = length X width X height

    m3, ft3

    Pressure Mathlab

  • Water

    Density of water = 1 g / cm3

    Water Weight Density = 62.4 lb / ft3

    Hydrometer an instrument that measures density

  • Specific gravity = density of a substance / density of water

    There is no unit Ex: Density of lead is 11.34 g/cm3

    Specific gravity of lead is 11.34

  • Table: Specific Gravity VariableEnglish SISpecific gravitygsp none noneDensity of aDs lb/ ft3 g/cm3 Substance

    Density of waterDw lb/ ft3 g/cm3

  • The Tale of ArchimedesProblem:Did the goldsmith steal some of the gold that was to be used in the Crown?????

  • The King was sure some of his gold was stolen.If Archimedes did not discover the answer Archimedes would pay with his life.

  • Buoyant ForceThis is an upward force on an object thats equal to the weight of the fluid displaced determining whether an object sinks or floats

  • Density and BuoyancyIf you are putting solids in water (1g/ml), if the density is:1 g/ml or less float1 g/ml or more sink

    Apply this pattern to other liquids

    Density/buoyancy Activity Specific Gravity Mathlab

  • PressurePressure = Force / Area

  • AREA

    Area = length X width

    m2, ft2

  • Table: Pressure VariableEnglishSIPressure P PsiN/ m2

    Force FlbN

    Area Ain2m2

  • Pressure Example

    A woman has stiletto heels on she weighs 120 lb and the heel is 0.5 X 0.5. How much pressure would the heal exert if all the womans weight is on one heel?

    Area= 0.5 X 0.5 = 0.25 in2

    P = F / A = 120 lb / 0.25 in2 = 480 psi ( psi= lb/ in2)

    More than enough to puncture skin or the aluminum of an airplane

  • Pascals PrincipleA change in pressure at any point in a confined fluid is transmitted undiminished throughout the fluid ex: barometer

  • Total Pressure = gage pressure + atmospheric pressure

    atmospheric pressure- many units 30 inches of mercury OR 14.7 psi

  • Table: Total Pressure Variable English EnglishTotal pressure P totpsi inches

    Gage pressure P g psi inches

    Atmospheric P atm14.7 psi 30 inPressure

  • Total Pressure ExampleA car tire needs a gage pressure of 30psi. What would be the total pressure on the tire?Total pressure = gage pressure + atmospheric pressureAtm press= 14.7 psi

    Tot press= 30 psi + 14.7 psi = 44.7 psi

  • Fluid HeightPressure = water weight density X height

    This can be used for any substance as long as you know the weight density

  • Fluid HeightvariableEnglish SIPressure Plb/ft2 kg/m2

    Water wgt rw62.4 lb/ft31000 kg/m3Density

    Fluid height h ft m

  • Pressure in TanksThe tank with the greatest fluid height has the greatest pressure (figure 1.26 pg 42)

    If two tanks have the same height but different diameter the pressure at the bottom is the same(figure 1.28 pg 43)

    Even if the tank funnels down to a small bottom surface, the pressure remains the same for the same depth of fluid

  • Pressure in Tanks

  • Fluid Height ExampleA water tower is 300 ft high. What should the water pressure gage read at the bottom of the tower?

    Pressure = water weight density X height

    Pressure = 62.4 lb/ft3 X 300ftPressure = 18,720 lb / ft2