Customer Experience Lifecycle of social brands

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A standard customer experience lifecycle includes the following stages: * Realisation - Recognition of a problem or need * Awareness - Connection between need & product * Evaluation - Consideration of product * Transaction - Money is exchanged * Consumption - Product is used * Service - Post-purchase support When using social media marketing we can add another layer which relates to social influence: * Influence awareness of need * Influence connection to product * Influence awareness of benefits * Influence perceived value of transaction * Connect sharing of product experience * Connect sharing of service experience * Build ongoing relationship


<ul><li>1.the customer experience lifecycle of a social brand Influence Build ongoing awareness ofrelationshipBrandneed advocacyRealisation Recognition ofa problem orneedReactive customerservice ServiceAwareness ConnectionConnect Post-purchase between need &amp;support productInfluence sharing ofconnection to service product experience Brand ConsumptionEvaluationadvocacy Consideration of Product is usedproduct BrandFeedbackConnectInfluencesharing of Transactionawareness of product Money isexchangedbenefitsexperience Influence perceived valueof transaction </li></ul>