Branding Building Customer Loyalty

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This lesson explore what is brand loyalty, how to build brand loyalty and how UniQLO builds brand loyalty

Text of Branding Building Customer Loyalty

  • 1.Design ManagementBrandingBrand LoyaltyPrepared by Timothy ChanUpdated 29 April 2013Version 3.0

2. 1. What is brand loyalty2. How to build brand loyalty3. Case study - UniQLOLearning Objectives 3. What is Brand Loyalty? 4. What is Brand Loyalty?1.) Tried your products/services(Induced to try via A&P)2.) Like your products/services(Moments of truth their experiences)3.) Think of You first(Repeat customers, repeat purchases)4.) Recommend their friends(Brand ambassador word of mouth)I dont know your brand 5. Building Brand LoyaltyGreat product, great services,great value, WOW experiencesCrapSUCKS!!!#1 6. Building Brand LoyaltyEasy to Recall (brand elements)Brand name, logo, symbol, slogan, associationswebsite domain, character, visuals#2 7. Brand Elements Basics Memorability Meaningfulness Likability Transferability Adaptability ProtectabilityHow to increase ease of recall 8. Brand Elements BasicsHow to increase ease of recallMessageStoryAdvertInvolvementCommunityVisualsNon-visual 9. Building Brand LoyaltyDeliver excellent customer service.Satisfaction, Opinions, Relations#3 10. Shopping experiences 11. Shopping experiences 12. Shopping experiences 13. Shopping experiences 14. Shopping experiences 15. Quality products 16. Value for money pricing 17. Co-branding designs 18. Co-branding designs 19. Co-branding designs 20. Co-branding designs 21. CHINATOWN POINT STORE PLAZA SINGAPURA STORE BUGIS+ STORE PARKWAY PARADE STORE CAUSEWAY POINT STORE VIVOCITY STORE 313@SOMERSET STORE ION ORCHARD STORE TAMPINES 1 STOREStrategic and Convenient 22. Brand Elements 23. Brand Elements 24. Social Responsibility 25. Community Relations 26. Customers Relations 27. Customers Relations 28. Customers Relations 29. Customers Relations 30. Customers Relations 31. Customers Relations 32. AssignmentsEach group to present in 5 minutes: Your strategies to foster strong customers loyalty Relates to your final project