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LoyalMark offers Customer Loyalty Solutions that will not only attract new customers but retain new and existing customer as loyal customer for a long time. Each Customer Loyalty Solution Program created for clients are custom tailored to the clients needs. All programs will have a reporting system that will allow your to better tailor your marketing plans. For more information visit:

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  • 1. LoyalMark is a division of KESM Transaction Solutions, Inc. is acompany founded in 2001. Today, we are a leading North American Loyalty MarketingSolutions provider. LoyalMark is one of the premier gift and loyalty companies. LoyalMark focuses on the retail merchant industry withinnovative value-added solutions utilized at the point-of-sale. Technology-rich solutions that provide marketing advantagesfor our clients.
  • 2. NavisTran: Interac certified payment gateway. Enables the secure processing of high-speedInternet and wireless GPRS based financialtransactions. Meets all required standards including PCI-DSSLevel 1.Paragon: Integration toolbox simplifying integration effortsof POS systems to credit/debit/gift/loyalty cardacceptance devices. Successfully used to integrate various POSsystems.
  • 3. Customization Services: Our strength is in our ability to provide solutionsthat meet our customers unique requirements We view our customized services as a majorcompetitive differentiatorKESM Financial: Offer your own Private Label Credit Cards;promote your brand, eliminate your in-houseaccounts and offer payment flexibility to yourcustomers Our Private Label Program opens doors toendless customer relationships
  • 4. 97% of North Americans belong to at least one loyalty program - Consumers are lookingfor any advantage they can get when it comes to making purchases* Acquire new customers Retain existing customers Generate brand respect and appreciation Expand customer relationships with excellent feedback Enrolled customers have higher average spend rates DATA Collection: Know who your customer is, what they arebuying, where they are buying, when they are buying TARGET MARKETING Secure transactional and data collection Comprehensive, confidential reporting for analysis Influence your customers purchasing behaviors and patterns byguiding them towards specific products, locations, frequencies,etcConsistently boosting sales and profits*AC Neilsen Panel Track Loyalty Card Study
  • 5. LoyalMark provides unique offers at the time of the transaction:6ElectronicPursePoints orDollarsGiftCarddollarbalanceLoyaltypointbalanceFrequencyProgramsComboPromotionsSpend$100get5xpointsBuy9shirtsget1freeProgram Slots Loyalties & TicketsEmptySlotEmptySlotEmptySlotManage up to 36 simultaneousprograms/promotions on a single card!
  • 6. 7Through its extensive use of parameters, LoyalMark can createprograms easily - allowing us to quickly meet our customersprogram and promotional requirements.Program Management:Easily and quickly create,maintain and update multipleloyalty programs via GUIinterface Product (SKU) Minimum Spend/Quantity Type Accumulation Start & End Dates Value or Frequency Based Delayed Reward Linked to other Programs Different Accumulation Rates Non-linear Formula Double rewards toward the endof a sales period to achievesales targets
  • 7. 8Stair Step: Set tiered non-linear orlinear percentages to accumulatepoints, based on dollar amounts.$2,500 = 10%$4,000 = 15%$1,000 = 5%$10,000 = 20%B2B Loyalty Program: Createpowerful, strategic merchantrelationships amongst other programpartners.Tiered: Especially relevant for franchises.Different incentives established acrossdifferent levels of an organization.
  • 8. 9 B2B Initiatives Offer points to be redeemed at partnering businesses Reward point redemption with more points Offer point redemption specials on higher margin items Redeem points for specialty promotional items Offer product rewards at POS Revaluate point currency value at any time
  • 9. 10LoyalMark can import/run/manage your existing Gift Cardprogram at no charge. Reloadable Pin based security Fixed or flex denomination Web-based bulk activations Web-based administration and reporting Centralized accounting 3rd Party sales (i.e. InComm, Blackhawk) Custom webpage for customers to register their card toprotect the balance, check their balance and viewtransaction history online
  • 10. 11LoyalMark can develop and manage a mobile app thatfunctions on Apple, Android and Windows phones with thefollowing features:1. Landing Page(Home Page)2. Geo Location Technology3. Products4. Promotions5. Loyalty/Gift Program Registration(Enrollment Form) - Usercan update via Web Service or Webpage6. Loyalty/Gift Balance Enquiry7. Display Account # Via Bar Code or QR Code8. Proximity Based Capabilities9. Social media integrations
  • 11. 12LoyalMark provides a range of monitoring and reporting tools thatallow to easily and quickly view a wealth of customer information.Microsoft Reporting Services allow for approximately 25 suppliedreports which provide information on: System management and settlement Merchant activity Cardholder activity Program Activity Merchant loyalties Product loyalties PassesAssessResultsCompare toinitial goalsAnalyzeDataCollectDataRunProgramsImplementProgramsCreateProgramsIdentifyTarget& GoalsAdditional reports are easily generated by using Microsoft Reporting Services. Fromthese reports, LoyalMark is able to closely monitor loyalty activity and create afeedback loop thereby ensuring that loyalties are as effective as possible.
  • 12. 13 LoyalMark provides a range of standard reports that can run at anytime. LoyalMark also allows customized reports easily and quickly providing awealth of detailed customer information Allows for the selection of various customer criterias for marketingcampaigns. Build a detailed customer specific list at the most detailed level. Target market to your customers. LoyalMark can quickly and easily integrate to any email software
  • 13. 14Samples of messaging you could use to increase your businessare: Send a message to all the customers you havent seen inawhile Send a message informing the males/females in yourprogram about a new product or service specific to theirgender. Send a message thanking the members for registering, offerbonus points etc... Send a message to your best customers. Let them knowyou are thankful for their business. Let customers know how much their points are worth. Letthem see the value in the program.
  • 14. LoyalMark will provide its own experienced dedicated accountmanager. You will be supported from initial program design, through torollout and beyond. The account manager will respond quickly to any issues thatarise with the program and will work closely with to resolvethem in a timely manner. The account manager will also ensure that s program isadhering to the best practices learned over the years by theLoyalMark team.
  • 15. Second Level support, or Technical Support, involves our team ofengineers and developers who have an in-depth knowledge of ourtechnology. They are able to provide escalated support services to all of ourcustomers 24/7 through our 2nd level 800 service, email andpaging. Field level support is available when required. Once a problem is resolved, the support lead provides a detaileddescription of the investigation, including the steps that led to thesolution, and then, the incident is closed. A document containing the detailed problem description andsolution will be sent to and a copy is stored for futurereference/review.
  • 16. LoyalMarks training program will ensure is well prepared andunderstands the new Loyalty Card Program. LoyalMark will provide all the necessary training for head officestaff. Training is done in a train-the-trainer format,although LoyalMark can accommodate othertraining plans for all locations if required. Once training is complete, employees will have a clearunderstanding of how to administer and run the program. If any questions do arise, store employees will also be able toobtain help from the LoyalMark bilingual support team 24/7.