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The smARTist Telesummit is in its 7th year. I have presented the last three years. This lineup of speakers is the best ever. Visual artists who want to take their art career higher will find the ideas, information and inspiration to get there and beyond with 2012 smARTist Telesummit.


<ul><li> 1. Put Your Careeron the Road to Success2012 smARTist Telesummit Boost Your Art CareerUsing Publicity, Promotion &amp; Power of Self-Belief</li></ul> <p> 2. Who Is Barney Davey Advising visual artists since 1988 Art Print Issues has nearly 500 posts to date How to Profit from the Art Print Market, 2nd Edition 3. Mapping Our Plans If you dont know where you are going, anyroad will get you there Traditional art marketing Changes affecting the art business What artists should do now What artists NEED to do now Networking &amp; Word-of-mouth marketing Coordinate your marketingQ&amp;A 4. Why Art Business Changed1. Changing consumer buying habits2. Rise of e-commerce acceptance and use3. Growth of Big Box retailing4. Economic bubble caused by mortgage/housing crash5. Flood of cheap oil paintings from China6. Tradeshow and trade magazines no longer as effective in launching artists careers7. The ratio of galleries &amp; publishers to artists is skewed higher8. Affordable website, blogging, email marketing and e- commerce9. Growth and use of social media 5. Art Marketing Then The traditional way for visual artists to get their worksold was through a network of dealers and galleries. Artists represented through a network would findselling direct was frowned upon, if not contractuallyforbidden. It was much more of a closed system where galleries,dealers, and art publishers controlled distributionchannels. Tradeshows and trade magazines were powerful drivers 6. Art Marketing Now The gallery system is not broke, but not the same either Artists should build their own direct sales distributionsystems, whether repped through a network or not Collectors have new awareness of new ways to buy artby dealing direct with artists Tradeshow and trade magazines are shells of theirformer selves, or OOB. Advertising in consumer artmags has always been risky Affordable options for developing direct dist 7. What Artists Should Do Now Work on Direct Distribution Website Blog Enable e-commerce on site/blog Online galleries, eBay, etc. Start your own art marketing group/salon/coop Seek alternative outlets 8. What Artists NEED Do Now Formalize Word-of-mouth marketing Network, network, network Plan &amp; execute PR and publicity campaigns Ask for referrals the Norm of Reciprocity Develop effective email marketing plan 9. Using MagCloud 10. What Else Artists NEED Do Now Setup scheduled PR &amp; publicity Employ email marketing plan Focus primarily on one, possibly two, SocialMedia platforms Get on YouTube 11. Coordinate Your MarketingCreate a Master Tools to CoordinateSchedule / Calendar Select four six Website &amp; blogimportant events Online galleries Openings Physical galleries Shows Guest blogging Seasonal Sales Publicity Milestones Press Releases Add holidays or other Email marketingimportant dates Postcard marketing PPC advertising Media Affiliate 12. The Power of Self Belief Dont let anyone deter you You cant fly with eagles if you roost with turkeys Turn disappointments into determination 13. The Power of Self Belief Negativity from others is based on their fears If a person says you cant do something, ask themhow they know the information Turn negatives into positives 14. smARTist Presentation ResourcesArt Print IssuesBusiness blog for visual artists http://www.artprintissues.comBarney DaveyOrder books, e-books and consultinghttp://barneydavey.comBarney DaveyAffiliate Programs Biz Coach 16 Non-Gallery Sales Avenues from 1 Artist Biz Coach Art Salon SEO Yoast SEO Press e-commerce WP e-Store Affiliate AffliliateWP e-Store Word-of-mouth-marketing WOM 101 Releases http://www.prlog.comPRPress Releases Releases http://prweb.comMagcloudOnline/Print Magazine 15. Final Words Road To SuccessGetting art to market in the digital age</p>