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This CV is used for the Career Boost Contest.

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2. To YouFrom me Nguyen Phuong ViVNG Corporation~ A Love Confession Letter ~ 3. I was impressed because you are A Vietnams leading Internet company Dominate the local market with over 20 highly popularentertainment, community & software products Objective: Seek for new ways to bring internet closer toVietnamese accompanied more valuable advances Mission: Make internet change Vietnamese lives 4. You will be impressed because I am An extraordinary 3rd-year student Dominate the society with over 20helpful activities, events and entertainment Objective: Seek for the occupation: Marketing Executive( or Zing Department) part-time or internto gain valuable knowledge & experience and contribute tothe company & society Mission: Make knowledge change my life 5. What you needIs someone whoHas experience in digital marketing 6. What I haveOnline marketing& Events08/2012 - nowOnline marketing12/2012 02/2013Online marketing& Events10/2012 02/2013 7. What I haveFurther information: 8. Someone who is Active, Creative, Good in communication Independent, Responsible, CooperativeWhat you need 9. What I haveBich Ngan - ClassmateMrs Tuyet Chief Organiserof Sale4share Fair 10. LovewritingLovetravelling& takingphotos Love making friendsWhat I have 11. 090 906 1747phuongvi21692@gmail.comPhonl CLNGUYEN PHUONG VI+