7 Tips to Help You Save Money on Auto Insurance

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  1. 1. 7 Tipsto HelpYou Save Moneyon AutoInsurance Autoinsurance isone of those necessaryexpensesthatmanypeoplehave.Youmaythinkthere is nothingyoucan do aboutthe price,but youmightbe surprisedat whatyoucan doto loweryourcosts. Here are seventipstohelpyousave more moneyonyour policy. 1. Shop Around Be willingtocompare priceswithmultiple carriers.However,make sure youare comparingsimilar policiestoknowyouare gettinga gooddeal.You alsowantto make sure that the provideryouchoose has a good reputationandnotsacrifice service forprice.Whenyoudofindafew companiesthathave the bestprices,youneedtoask each one aboutotherdiscounts.The companythat seemsthe cheapest on papermay notbe the leastexpensiveonce youaddinotherfactors. 2. Combine Policies It alsohelpstolookat all of yourinsurance needs.Combiningmultiple carsora homeowner'spolicyand car insurance canresultindrasticsavings.Onthe otherhand,if youfindan auto insurance policythat offersa large reductionincost,itmay be cheaperto use multiple carriersforyourneeds.Forinstance,a driverinyourhouseholdthatisconsideredahighriskmaysave moneygoingwithan insurance companythat specializesinsuchcases.At the same time,youmay paymore if youwere to use that providerthananothercompany. 3. Drive Less Askyour providerif youcan save moneybyreportinglowermileage inayear.If youcarpool and reduce the amountof drivingyoudo,youmay geta discount. 4. Be a SaferDriver Avoidticketsbyfollowingthe laws.Alsotake asafe drivingcourse andyoumay be rewardedwitha reducedpremium.Manycompaniesofferspecial discountsif youhave neverfiledaclaimor if youtake a defensivedrivingclass. The safetyfeaturesonyourcar or truck can alsohelploweryourinsurance premium. Forinstance,rear cameras,truck bedrailsand anti-lockbrakesare some of the featuresthatmake vehiclessafe.Newer modelsoftencome withspecialequipmentthatoldervehiclesdon'thave.Inaddition,keepingyour vehicle inalockedgarage reducesthe chance of theftandcan impactthe rate you pay. 5. Raise Your Deductible Insurance companiesrewardthose whoare willingtocarrymore riskwithlowerpremiums.It is assumedthata personwitha higherdeductiblewillbe more careful toavoidanaccidentsince he or she has more moneyinvolved.Of course,youwanttomake sure you can affordthe deductible if youshould everbe inan accident.It's a good ideatokeepthe moneyina savingsaccountto cover itif you should have to file aclaim. 6. Improve Your Credit Checkyour credithistorybefore youapplyforcarinsurance.Make sure there are no errorsthat could be loweringyourcreditrating.If youdo not have a greatcreditscore,work on improvingitsoyoucan
  2. 2. qualifyforbetterrates.Manyexpertsbelievethataperson'screditscore is directlytiedwithhow likely he or she isto turn ina claim.Havinga highercreditscore can loweryourinsurance rates. 7. Change Your Coverage If you have a brand newcar or one youhave a loanon, youwill probablyhave tomaintainfull coverage insurance.However,if yourcarisolderand paidoff,itmay notbe worthit to have that kindof coverage.Infact, youmay be payingoutmore thanwhat youwouldreceive if yourvehicle wasdeemed a complete ortotal loss. If your vehicle isnotworthcoveringfordamage,considerdroppingthe collision/comprehensive coverage andjustcarry liabilityandmedical expense coverage.Since carinsurance providersgenerally onlypayout the amount thatthe car is worth,if youhave an oldervehicle,youmaybe betteroff toput the amountof the premiumina savingsaccountfor future need. There are numerouswaystosave money,sotake the time to findoutthe lowestprice youcan pay and still have greatcoverage.Make iteasiertosave moneyoncar insurance bylookingforgreatdealsand discounts. ASA Insurance provides excellent coverage for auto insurance in the Salt Lake City area with the lowest rates to the English and Spanish communities . Affordable rates and superior service for all home, auto and business/commercial insurance needs.