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Saving energy - a tenants guide

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  • 1. Save Energy Save Money

2. MetersWheres yours?What does it look like?How do you read it?Why do you need to read it? 3. Where are your meters?Meters are usually found: Under the stairs By the front door Outside In a cupboard 4. Electricity Meters 5. GasMeters 6. Dial Meter This meter shows a reading of 15040Ignore the top set of dials and read the dials left to rightIf the dial is between 2 numbers, note down the number thatthe dial has just passedInclude any zeros at the start and ignore any red dials 7. Digital MeterThis meter shows a reading of 62198Read the meter left to right and ignore the red numbersGas meters show 4 or 5 digitsElectricity meters show 5 digitsSome electricity meters will show 2 lines of digits 8. Why read your meters? To get accurate bills instead of estimated bills If you get estimated bills you could be paying too much or too little To double check your energy bills To keep an eye on your energy usage To know the approximate cost of your bills before they arrive 9. Energy ProvidersThe best type of meterSwitching providersWarm home discounts 10. Types of MeterPre PaymentStandardManage debt Access to energy dealsNo unexpected bills Constant supply ofKeep an eye on energyelectricity (if bills are paid!) usage Cheaper than pre payment Most expensive way to paymeters for energy Can get into debt If you cant get to the shopNo way of keeping track of you can run out of gas /energy use electricity Cant get the best deals forPossibility of large bills energy particularly in winter 11. Switching ProvidersWhich is best for you? 12. Use Price Comparison websites to find the best deal for gas and electricity 13. Warm Home Discount The Warm Home Discount scheme came into operationon 1 April 2011 Under this scheme customers in receipt of some benefitsmay be able to receive a 120 rebate into theirelectricity account Each of the big six providers has slightly differentcriteria to meet For some you can apply online, for others you need tophone in, it depends on your provider 14. Warm Home Discount - Example Southern Electric (Swalec)To receive the 120 rebate you must be in receipt of Pension CreditYou may also be able to receive the rebate if:You receive one of the following:Income SupportIncome-based Job Seekers AllowanceIncome-related Employment and Support Allowance which has a work-related activity component or support componentAnd:You have a child under the age of 5You receive Child Tax Credit with a disability or severe disability componentYou receive a disabled child premiumYou receive a disability, enhanced disability or severe disability premiumYou receive a pension premium, higher pension premium or enhanced pensionpremium 15. InsulationWhere the heat goesBefore and afterMaking the most of your insulationThermostatic radiator valves and thermostats 16. Where the Heat Goes 25% through the roof35% through walls10 % through the windows 15% through draughts 17. AfterBefore 18. Make the Most of Your Insulation Turn off the central heating one hour before you go to bed the insulation means that your home will stay warm for awhile Turn down the central heating turning down the heatingby 1oC could cut your bills by 10% Turn down the radiators in rooms that you dont use often Close doors to the rooms that you dont use often Shut the curtains when the sun goes down to help to keepthe heat in 19. ThermostatsControl the temperature of your central heating with your thermostat21oC is the best temperature for your central heating 20. Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV) Use TRVs to control the temperature of your radiatorsTurn down the heat on radiators in rooms that you dont use 21. Energy Saving TipsBulbsSmart monitorsTips 22. Energy Saving Bulbs Each energy saving bulb that you use can save you 3 per yearon your electricity billEnergy saving bulbs can last 8 times longer than normal bulbs and use 80% less electricity Give energy saving bulbs a try, they can save you money! 23. Energy MonitorsUse the monitor to see how much electricity you are using at any time of the day The monitor can help you to break badhabits by showing you exactly how much itcosts to leave things turned on. Energy monitors can reduce your energy usage by 5 10% each year Take home an energymonitor and keep an eyeon your energy use! 24. A dripping tap.....Will waste enough water in 2 weeks to fill a bath 25. When making a cuppa try notto over fill the kettle.......Save energy and money by onlyboiling the water that you need If everyone boiled only the water that they needed, enoughelectricity could be saved to light the UKs street lights for 7months! 26. Dont leave things on standby.....Turning appliances off at theplug saves energy and moneyIf you dont use them very often, or if your going away, makesure that appliances are turned off at the plug so that theydont waste electricity.Leaving electrical items on standby instead of turning them off cancost you up to 40 a year 27. Quick Quiz1. Which energy provider is funding the externalimprovements?2. How much would you expect to save if you adjustyour lifestyle and follow the energy saving advice?3. Name 3 energy saving tips4. Name a price comparison site5. Name 2 locations for meters 28. Thank You &Good Luck Saving Energy!