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DropTrip - Save money shipping, make money traveling!

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  • Shipping Reimagined. Communities Empowered.DropTrip connects businesses and individuals through a powerful social shipping network.

    Whether you need something shipped across town, across the state or across the region, the DropTrip community will help you do it.

    Save money shipping and make money traveling! Get started today at www.DropTrip.com

    As a Shipper, save time and money, while putting money back into the community, shipping goods through a trusted traveler network. Whether you are shipping or receiving, DropTrip Travelers pick up & hand-deliver your goods.

    As a Traveler, make money for a trip youre already taking and help Shippers move their goods safely from point A to point B. You help connect communities, solving the shipping issues businesses and individuals face every day.

    Two local favorites are already using the DropTrip network. What kind of DropTrip will you take?

    MT Fish Co.

    Sweet Pea Bakery needs to send goodies to Big Sky

    MT Fish Co. gets ready to make a regular delivery to Big Sky, sees the alert & claims the shipment

    Sweet Pea Bakery confirms &

    coordinates pickup with MT

    Fish Co.

    MT Fish Co. picks up the shipment & hits the road for Big Sky

    MT Fish Co. confirms delivery

    Sweet Pea Bakery

    confirms delivery

    $MT Fish Co. seamlesslyreceives payment

    Before leaving Big Sky, MT Fish Co. f inds a new shipment of a kayak that needs to go to Bozeman

    MT Fish Co. claims the kayak, picks it up, delivers i t to Sarah in Bozeman & is paid

    Sarah, excited about DropTrip, posts a shipment for a couch that needs to be delivered to Missoula

    Joe, a DropTripper from Bil l ings, who is traveling to Missoula,

    claims the shipment & coordinates a pickup

    Shipment is delivered to recipient & Joe is paid

    promise to help each other connect, send, carry & thrive


    Alert: New Shipmen


    to Deliver!

    EXIT 305

    Alert goes out to the DropTrip network