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  1. 1. RetarusSave Money, Save the Environment Managed Fax Services for the Enterprise Retarus is a global provider of highly professional Messaging Services, Retarus develops market-leading products and solutions for global electronic business communications and business process optimization.messaging services since 1992
  2. 2. RetarusSave Money, Save the Environment No matter where you stand on climate change, everyone wants to be viewed as earth friendly Moving to a Cloud Fax Provider can: Save operational overhead Increase security Reduce your carbon footprint Increase speed to marketmessaging services since 1992
  3. 3. RetarusBurning Big, Cooling Large Google and Facebook are estimated to use a billion+ KWh each month A typical search with a desktop computer generates 7 grams of carbon dioxide Reducing your carbon footprint can help save the planetmessaging services since 1992
  4. 4. RetarusSharing Means Caring If you share a data center with others, the overall carbon footprint will drop - consider the following factors: Shared Managed Cloud Services reduce theconstruction costs and associated energyexpenditure for individual infrastructure projects Shared facilities can be located where power is lesscostly and advanced cooling is availablemessaging services since 1992
  5. 5. RetarusRetarus Can Help You Save Lower carbon footprints since we utilize a shared environment Invoicing is electronic Our portal provides on demand reporting so you can monitor your communications in real time Our Intelligent Delivery algorithm reduces the number of attempts to reach the recipient - which means less use of resources With our security and backup you have no need to duplicate your systemsmessaging services since 1992
  6. 6. RetarusSave Money, Save the Environment Of course the benefits of using a Managed Service for your communications needs go well beyond just saving kWh every month Want to read the full article? go to: www.retarusblog.comWould you like a free consultation? Contact retarus at info@retarus.comor on the web at www.retarus.commessaging services since 1992
  7. 7. Our valuesThe core of our businessCustomer focus QualityPeople drive business. FromAs experts we know what aexperienced Sales and Supportdifference consistent qualityteams to project-drivenmakes. We focus on how ourcustomization of services - ourservice drives your business. Weclients remain the focus of ourset the global standard fordaily work. You benefit from a messaging services. You benefittrue Partnership.from increased Efficiency.Innovation TransparencyDeveloping leading-edgeProviding services also meanstechnology and expanding our providing proof of service - fromportfolio means listening closely, intelligent reporting to coherentunderstanding trends and billing, from service provision toserving our customers needs documentation. From Reports,and strategies. You benefit from portals ,SAP status updates, younew Technologies.benefit from absolute Control.messaging services since 1992