Need a Car Repair? Tips On How To Help Save You Money

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  1. 1. Need a Car Repair? Tips On How To Help Save You Money
  2. 2. Outside of rent, mortgage, utilities and healthcare car ownership is the most expensive responsibility nearly every adult has.
  3. 3. But following these easy tips could save you hundreds on your next car repair.
  4. 4. When you take your car to a private repair shop verses a dealership, you usually can end up saving 25% or more on your total repair costs.
  5. 5. These lower costs are often the result of low labor rates charged by private repair shops in comparison to the labor rates charged by dealerships.
  6. 6. But Did You Know... You can actually pay up to 50% less if you go to a private repair shop AND buy your own parts.
  7. 7. If you need a car repair and want to pay bottom dollar for a top-rated fix, here are the steps you need to take.
  8. 8. Find a private repair shop that works under a fair labor rate and allows you to bring your own parts.
  9. 9. Search for used and new auto parts and buy from a company like A&P Auto Parts that offers warranties for parts and/or labor.
  10. 10. Have your parts delivered to you or your repair shop and, at the end of the repair, rest assured that youre paying a fair, low rate for a long-lasting fix.
  11. 11. Save with Recycled Auto Parts Visit A&P Auto Parts to Learn More