Save Money, Save the Environment

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Save Money, Save the Environment. Team Members. Chahdi Mahdoui Carl Smith Harsimar Batth. Qualifications. Audiences. Home and business owners Environmentalists. Objectives. Introduce renewable energy Propose lower energy bills and investment opportunities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Save Money, Save the Environment

Save Money, Save the Environment Team MembersChahdi MahdouiCarl Smith

Harsimar Batth


Audiences Home and business owners


Objectives Introduce renewable energyPropose lower energy bills and investment opportunitiesDescribe the effects of harmful emissions and how to reduce them Explain the benefits of using solar energy

Presentation Structure Research FindingsIssues with fossil fuels

Problems with renewable energies

Pros and cons of solar energyCoal PlantsCoal power plants generate roughly 54% of the electricity in the U.S. A coal power plant can produce up to 25 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year!

8Nuclear PlantsNuclear power plants produce roughly 60,000 pounds of nuclear waste each yearA nuclear meltdown could kill thousands of peopleUranium is running out

Solar Energy is the Most Efficient

Fossil fuels such as oil and coal are running out In order to store wind power you need big batteriesHydro power plants require huge dams that flood ecosystems and cost a lot of money

Solar Energy

AC LoadDC LoadCharge ControllerBatteriesInverterAC PowerDC PowerSolar Cells13Disadvantages of SolarThe initial cost of the equipment

Issues with sunlight

Solar panels are made with harmful chemicals

Project IssuesInterview cancelled

Remaining TasksInterviewAdditional researchDistribute survey

Teamwork StructureProject Schedule

Team member responsibilities

Team issuesProject TimelineProject3/223/314/074/144/214/28Needs Assessment and DatabaseProgress Report PresentationEvite Brochure

Formal Proposal: PresentationFormal Proposal: DocumentPerformance ReviewTeam ResponsibilitiesChahdi MahdouiCarl SmithHarsimar BatthTeamwork IssuesConclusionQuestions??