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  1. 1. Save Money!The Utility Warehouse provides over 350,000 customers inthe UK with great savings on their utility bills, as well givingmembers access to lots of other savings, on everythingfrom high street shopping to family holidays! Some of the benefits: Reduce your household bills Save 25% just by shopping Free Global Calls Exclusive member discounts Cheapest online shopping Reduce your bill further by recommending a friend Save money every day!Would you like to save money onyour everyday spending?Join the Club!Ask for details!0800 074 Phone Mobile Internet Gas Electricity
  2. 2. Make Money!Thousands of people make money in their spare time bysaving money for their friends and family - and you could too! Some of the benefits: Recession proof business opportunity Full training and support Anyone can be successful Choose the hours that suit you Earn an extra income Improve your lifestyle More time with the family Financial freedomWant to makemoney?Join the Club!