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The Photographic Eye by Sibley OBrien

The Photographic Eyeby Sibley OBrienCritical vs. Creative Critiquing To critique a photograph look at its:



Framing: whats in or out of the frame?What is the eye drawn to?


Can the viewer connect with the photograph?Does it evoke emotion? Or not?Does it tell a story?Other Elements:EXPOSURE: is the image over/underexposed?

FOCUS: is the image clear or blurry? Is this intentional?

COMPOSTION: are there elements in the frame that take away from the image?STORY TELLING ABILITY: does the image act like a small part of a larger story?

EMOTIONAL IMPACT: does the image evoke emotions from the viewer? Are they positive or negative?EXAMPLES

7Critique:The subject is not in the center of the frame, but since he is only slightly off-center, I dont know if this was intentional or not.I dont like the way that his head is cropped out of the frame because it puts my focus on that one aspect.The image shows that the subject is standing in a casual and confident stance.

CritiqueThe lighting in this photo is strong enough that the viewer can clearly see the shadow from the fence, but not so strong that it blurs out the image.The image has good valueThe photo doesnt communicate a story to the viewer

CritiqueThe viewers eye is automatically drawn to the flower, it gives the image a good focal pointThe colors are clear and bright I think the photograph would be more effective if there was more use of depth of field and the leaves in the background were blurredSources: