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portfolio of works from my undergraduate and graduate school in Architecture

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  • When The Intellectual Realm, The Realm Of Ideas, Is In Balance With Experiential Realm, The Realm Of Phenomena, Form Is Animated With Meaning. In This Balance, Architecture Has Both Intellectual And Physical Intensity, With The Potential To Touch Mind, Eye, And Soul.

    - Steven Holl

  • This I believe: architecture should be an experience of emotion and senses. I think architecture is an emotional experience because as we design we always think about how a space is going to make a person feel. There is a relationship to how a space feels to how someone experiences it. I believe that as we design its more than making a building look cool but how the inside designs the outside. There are certain relationships we make ourselves to architecture and how we remember the experiences in them. This is the social aspect of design and the role that it plays in peoples lives. There is a way that we can change a persons life with architecture but not how it stands out on a block but maybe how it fits in. That to me is what makes this career a path of importance and rarity because its takes a sense of involvement into people lives to truly appreciate the craft that evokes these emotions. The relevance to care in designing is a main focus of mine and I want to make a difference in the way people experi-ence buildings and admire them. There is a story behind everything we design and a certain amount of emotional instinct that allows us to create something that cares about the person as much as we hope the people will care about it in return. This is the influence and personal involvement that separates good work from great work within my understanding because a space that has the right to be experience but forgotten is not evoking the right emotions and senses to be remembered and talked about. The dialogue of description is what makes the emotional, physical, and sensorial qualities of the building come to life. Ultimately, architecture is about experience of senses, visually, through sound, touching, hearing. This common link is in every piece of archi-tecture, good and bad, descriptively that is what we talk about when we revisit them. I want to feel what the designer was think-ing when they made choices of materiality, lighting, views, noise, everything that went into it, those are the decisions that make a building. There is a certain respect that the knowledge of architecture can give to other architects and their work, but there is an even bigger respect when someone who has no idea the language of a building can really understand the dynamics that we try and instill. The sensorial interconnection within this is linked to our emotions towards them as well. The recognition of how a building makes us feel is not anything an architect can predict but an evident sense of knowing is how we relate emotions and senses to the buildings we create.

    design philosophy

  • bath house

    ila headquarters

    habitat for humanitydesign-build

    global studio

    lianyugang development


    x of




    international trade marketinternational business hotel

  • bath house

  • bath



    front elevation

    conceptin this bath house nature is treated as a sectional relationship & the qualities that make it unique are separated & experienced individually through the senses. at the end of the pavilion everything is experienced together to show the connection back to each other & how each impacts the other.

    driftwood sectional study

  • site plan

    floor plan

    1building as sectional sense experience

    steps of bathouse experience1

    sight is obstructed, the sound of the water is amplified

    2slight sight, the sense of touch is

    amplified because lack of other senses to get around

    3 the sense of sight is active but the sense of sound is

    now muffled to enhance sight

    4the ultimate where the sectioned experiences come

    together to create the whole sensual experience




    lake claiborne state park

    man-made lake in ruston, louisiana where nature trails & mountain biking are preva-lent activities but areas to enjoy the lake are lacking

  • sect




    view in back

    view in front

    section A

    section B

    section C

  • constructionthe construction of the bathing house was

    meant to blend into the natural surroundings & to draw attention to the senses. by keeping the elements of the pavilion simple the experi-ence becomes stripped away and the intention

    to focus on nature becomes superior.

    natural wood

    tube steelconcrete separators

  • ila headquarters

  • ila h



    The International Longshoremans Association

    past present

    Brooklyn Navy Yardsite

    dedicated to making sure that the history of the docks & the men that work them, is preserved & kept alive, as well as keeping the

    current docks running & up to date. The International Long-shoremens Association, AFL-CIO is the largest union of maritime workers in North America, representing upwards of 65,000 long-

    shoremen on the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, Great Lakes, major U.S. rivers, Puerto Rico and Eastern Canada.

  • concept

    creating a timelinethe connections to the past, present, & future longshore-man through the circulation patterns & the views it sets up, allows the visitor to understand the timeline of the ILA & the importance these longshoreman had on the building of the city around it. the patterns of circulation are designed to capture points in vision that can be refer-enced back to a point in time.

    PASTwhere the ship building & dock

    loading was the business of the city

    PRESENTthe cross point between what

    the longshoreman helped create & where the industry is


    FUTUREmanhattan skyline industry

    shifts to across the river to tall buildings

    process sketches

    view cones floorplan

  • prog







    outdoor gallery

    visual linkagethe strong linear design of the ILA headquarters was meant to pay tribute to the elongated Brooklyn navy yard as well as to keep with the language of the water to the building so that every view point was a linkage to the harbour and river that made both New York and Brooklyn the large booming cities that they are today.



    a a


    b section b-b

  • outdoor gallery program analysisthe program was divided into 3 major groups and

    with the ILA needing an office as well as a museum to highlight the history, there is also a large annex for conventions and union meetings that were crucial to

    keeping the Longshoremans name active and alive.

    annex ila office museum

    bridge connection linear datum view

    section a-a

  • habitat for humanity design-build

  • desi



    team members20 students 6 months $44,000 budgetRuston, Louisiana

    lindsey briceno.billy burks.mary chatherine brown.kyle culver.sara offutt.daniel clark.britney wilson.jennifer risley.jordan brown.nick brown. jaymes hanus.leah broadway.scott dill.richard christian.angelica rodriguez. brandon foy.victoria christenson.chad reeves.ward bryant

    professorsrobert brooks.kevin stevens

  • habitech 2010 is an organization committed to the design of a new standard of economical & affordable housing. this housing combines modu-

    lar building systems. prefabricated construction methods, & an environ-mentally responsible approach. as aspiring architects, we wish to benefit a

    family, habitat for humanity, & ourselves with our effort to create a flexible & sustainable home.

    vernacular designwith keeping with the Louisiana Vernacular the house was

    designed on the long narrow site with a shot-gun style that allows for visual connection from the front to the back and the programmatic elements then spreading off of that native datum

    mission statement:







    Habitat for Humanity

    shotgun style

  • proc


    responsibilities within the project:HVAC design & installationon site daily construction activitiesdesigning, fabricating & installing the ribbon paneling systemconstruction drawingsclient consultations



    n po



    er, b


    , & d



  • process through the construction process we, the students, were guided by

    our professors as to make sure the construction process was as genuine & insightful but also as hands-off as possible as to allow us to

    truly experience the ideas of a design-build project . From week to week the process of constructed this 1,500 sq. ft. house was

    completely in the students hands & through the learning curve that comes with this type of project we were able to develop & exceed in

    the construction & design aspect of the project.


    l con






    g, si


    , & in




    t po



    g ro








  • concepta linking element that connects the core visually. through the use of the same material the ribbon allows the user to notice the transition from shelving to lighting