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  • 1.Top Ten Budget For Adventure TravelIts under the greatest pressures that we all have our greatest, most genuine experiences adventuretravel. Despite the state of the economy, its still quite possible to travel all around the world,comfortably, for an affordable price. From as low as $30 a day, you cansee Guatemala and Morocco, Peru and Kenya, Thailand, South Africa and more. Lets take alook!1. Atlas Mountain Trek7 Days for only $93/Day!The Atlas Mountains stretch across the crown of Africa, from Algeria to the Atlantic. Onthis adventure travel, youll depart from Marrakech, Morocco for the wilds of the hillsides. Yourguides will go at a leisurely pace, allowing you to admire the awe-inspiring landscapes around you.Your journey will take you to the shrine of Sidi Chamharouch, the supreme vistas of Mizrane Valley

2. and the contemplative atmosphere of Tzikert Plateau. Youll even have tea with friendly localvillagers in Achain, and have the chance to serve the local community with engaging projects.2. Lake Atitln Village Stay8 Days for only $62/Day!Have you ever wanted to live with a welcoming Mayan community on the banks of a spirituallyenergized lake? Well then, this is quite clearly the trip for you! With this latest offering fromG adventure travel, you can experience life as these authentic villagers view it. You can hikethrough this mystical land, help cook a traditional Mayan meal and even participate in a Mayan tree-planting ceremony. Theres so much you can do in this land of living legends, your short week therewill disappear in a flash!3. Andes & Amazon - Quito to La Paz37 Days for only $43/Day! 3. The latest adventure travel trip from Oasis is selling fast! For less than $1600,explore Peru and Brazil for almost 40 Days! Youll sail to the Ballestas Islands, BBQ on sandyPacific beaches, spend the night with a native family on Isla Amantani and visit the ruins of MachuPicchu. This may very well be your dream vacation. Save up for this 2013 departure date now, andreserve yourself a seat!4. Climb Mount ToubkalOne Week for only $100/Day! 4. The beauty of Moroccos Mount Toubkal has to be seen to be believed. This enormous peakreaches over two and a half miles above the Mediterranean, and plays host to the most gorgeousalpine scenery in North Africa. Although it may sound overtaxing, this adventure travel is wellwithin your reach. For only $699, you can summit this gigantic landmark with the help of guides whowill ensure you make it to the top in comfort. Authentic Berber villages dot your ascent, and everynight youll be welcomed in with open arms and a delicious home cooked customary meal.5. Nile Trans Nairobi to Cape Town8 Weeks for only $29/Day! 5. Two months of traversing the African continent by truck, stopping at every locale along the way;now thats a road trip! Through eight nations, eight weeks and innumerable captivating sights, youllexperience the real Africa for yourself, in the most genuine way possible. But it doesnt stop there: asyou journey on, youll have opportunities for side trips, such as climbing to Mt. Kilimanjaros BaseCamp, ride Elephants and spot game in Gweru, and even sky dive over the coast of Namibia!6. Palaui Island Photography Tour3 Days for only $80/Day! 6. The volcanic allure of Palaui Island is some of the best opportunities for nature photography in thePhilippines. Home to over 90 species of migratory birds, the geological wonders of the EasternRock Face, and a protected marine reserve, youll find so much to see and shoot (with pictures!) onthis adventure travel. We promise: If you arent much of a photographer now, youll be an expert bythe end of these three days.7. Roof of Africa - Cairo to Tunis3 Weeks for only $41/Day! 7. For only $850, you can see the whole of North Africa on a three-week odyssey. From the Romancatacombs at Alexandria, to Troglodyte villages at Matmata and the ruins of Carthage at Tunis,theres a lot of culture and history to absorb. Along the way, youll also have the opportunity to divethrough sunken Roman Galleys and German U-Boats in the Eastern Mediterranean, walk throughPlatos hometown of Cyrene and hike around the monumental fortified Kasbah of Le Kef.8. Thailand Northern Hilltribes & Villages8 Days for only $82/Day! 8. Thailand is a nation of contrasts; on this tour, youll have the opportunity to explore all of them. Firstoff is the bustling metropolis of Bangkok, with its colorful narrow alleyways, winding canals andgleaming high-rise skyscrapers. Next, its off to the crumbling walls of Chiang Mai, a 14th century citywith over 300 Buddhist temples. Theres also an optional sojourn to Wat Po, home of an enormousreclining Buddha. From there, youll head on a trek into the hills, visiting different minoritypopulations, riding elephants and bamboo rafting through the valleys of Thailand. What more couldyou ask for?9. Oasis Caravan - Tunis to Istanbul58 Days for only $30/Day! 9. If traveling from Cairo to Tunis isnt hardcore enough for you, maybe a caravan all the wayfrom Tunisia to Turkey is more your style! Youll traverse three continents, thousands of miles andso much more. Of course, on the way youll see the Great Pyramids and Sphinx, but youll alsoexplore the fortified granary at Nalut, and sail down the Nile in a traditional felucca. Snorkel in theMediterranean, hike through Cappadoccia, and river tube your way to Olu Deniz: its the vacation ofa lifetime, for the truly adventurous among us!10. Deserts & Gameparks - Victoria Falls to Cape Town3 Weeks for only $38/Day! 10. Three weeks of driving and trekking through some of the worlds most unique animal habitats:heaven for a game enthusiast! First, youll have the opportunity to fly over Victoria Falls in ahelicopter, or even jump off it at one of the worlds largest Bungee Jump locales! Then, youllproceed to Etosha National Park in Namibia, before standing in awe below the Spitzkoppe Rockformations and Namib-Nauklufts incredibly tall sand dunes. Of course, the main event is nothing tobe trifled with: see elephants, rhinos, giraffes and other uniquely African wildlife in their naturalhabitats!