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Adventure Collection 2015 - 2016


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    Worldwide Mountain Expeditions, Treks

    and Courses2015 - 2016

    Adventure Collection 15 - 16

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    For latest prices, dates and new departures visit 2

    My love of the mountains started at an early age.

    Being brought up in Keswick, in the north of the

    Lake District helped - I had a whole playing field

    of crags and rivers to explore, which I did in every

    spare moment. Graduating as a design teacher

    in my early twenties, holidays were filled with

    climbing some of the most beautiful mountains

    in the world. I discovered a real thrill in pushing

    myself to the limit and exploring new places.

    In 2000 I started Adventure Peaks which I ran as

    a one man band from my spare room! I built a

    following of loyal, like minded mountaineers, and

    together we discovered some beautiful and remote

    regions of the world.

    From small beginnings come great things, and

    today we are proud to employ 26 dedicated,

    permanent staff, whilst also offering part-time and

    freelance work to guides and instructors around

    the globe.

    Alongside the more famous worldwide treks and

    expeditions, our team of guides offer our equally

    important UK courses, with technical climbing

    instruction, guided walks, gorge and waterside


    Following the success of our existing two

    Ambleside retail outlets - providing the best

    brands in outdoor & activity gear for the whole

    family - 2010 saw us open the doors to a new

    generation of store one of the most technical

    shops in the world... with two floors of extreme

    expedition gear and the latest in technically

    innovative clothing and equipment. The store is

    built around a state-of-the-art Climbing Wall and

    boulder room, with view-point Caf. It is here that

    our highly trained staff support and encourage

    individuals and groups, helping develop the next

    generation of climbers.

    Adventure Peaks is proud to boast of its

    achievements, brought about by the dedication

    of a strong & determined team...amongst many

    other rewards and recognitions for the hard work

    that our skilled leaders have achieved, are the

    World speed record for the Seven Summits and

    the Youngest to complete the Seven Summits and

    the thrice held record for the Youngest person to

    summit Mount Everest (Jake Meyer in 2005 and

    Rob Gauntlet and James hopper in 2006, George

    Atkinson in 2011). In 2014 vwe organised the

    Grand Slam for Sebastian Merriman to complete

    the Seven Summits and Two Poles in just over 12


    Despite all this success, I never forget how it

    started. My own passion for the mountains still

    inspires my choice of treks and expeditions. The

    loyalty of returning clients and assisting those

    with little experience to learn new skills is a great


    So, as we are recognised as a world leader in the

    mountains - and also in providing expert support

    and advice for your Expedition, Trek or Course why

    not visit us here in Ambleside - within the heart of

    the beautiful Lake District.... you never know where

    you might end up!

    As we complete our fifteenth year we will continue

    to help you Live The Dream!.

    Dave Pritt - Director

    Our successes include...38 previously unclimbed Peaks in the Tien

    Shan and Kyrgyzstan

    100% summit success on Carstensz Pyramid

    (Australasia) including the first Irish & South

    African ascents

    95% summit success on Kilimanjaro with

    over 500 clients to the summit

    95% success on Elbrus

    99% summit success on Mt Vinson

    80% success on Everest (in a 3 year period 28

    started their summit day with 22 reaching

    the summit)

    81%+ summit success on Aconcagua, South

    America. (out of 100 clients 81 reached the


    75% summit success on Denali, North


    Three times guiding the youngest British

    person to the summit of Everest (Jake Meyer

    in 2005 and Rob Gauntlet and James Hopper

    in 2006 - then in 2011 George Atkinson

    The Seven Summits World Record in 2007

    World Record for the youngest to complete

    the Seven Summits in 2011

    2013 - First British female ascent of Himlung


    2013 - First Danish ascent of Himlung Himal

    2013 - New expedition to Korzhenevskaya

    sees success

    2014 - 7 summit and 2 Poles Adventure

    Peaks successfully organised the grand

    slam of all nine for Sebastian Merriman to

    become the 5th Brit and 38th person in the

    world to complete this amazing challenge in

    just over twelve months.

    Whats new for 2015The Garhwal region of the Indian Himalayas

    holds a wealth of remote mountaineering

    peaks rising to over 7000m. Satopanth was

    attempted in September 2014 and from this

    we have been able to identify a variety of

    stunning peaks for mountaineers of all levels

    and unlike Nepal you are almost guaranteed

    to have the peaks to yourself:

    Mount Shivling

    Saife Peak and Thelu Peak

    Sudershan Peak

    In Nepal we have included a new 7000m Peak

    in Annapurna IV

    We offer a whole host of new courses (both

    summer and winter) to help you prepare yourself

    for bigger challenges.

    On the treks side check out Bulgaria, Poland and


    Fast Track ExpeditionsNo compromise on acclimatisation (or potential

    summit days) but these expeditions include a

    helicopter to exit BC allowing higher altitudes to

    be reached safely on less holiday!!! For those on

    expeditions that fly to Lukla it also lessens the

    chance of being weather bound on the standard

    aircraft flights.







    Live The Dream!

  • Contact us +44 (0) 15394 33794 3


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    Choose your next adventure

    Courses p15Expeditions p29Treks p85


    Be one of the first to book on a trip and you may be able to claim one of our First To Book discounts, WORTH UP TO 1000.

    Recommend someone who has not travelled with us before to us and when they book a trip we will send you a 20 voucher to spend on an expedition, trek or course in our shop.

    Details of these and many other offers and discounts can be seen on our website


  • For latest prices, dates and new departures visit 4

    Angie Hall-Aspland

    is a mountain film

    photographer with

    her partner David.

    Her favourite part

    of the world is north

    Swedens Arctic

    region. Angie is the

    Mens and Womens

    clothing buyer and

    she manages the Expedition shop, advising

    on technical gear for expedition clients and

    customers going on trips.

    Dave Balshaw works

    across the business

    ensuring the smooth

    running of the shops

    and the online retail

    area. With a Degree

    in Outdoor Studies

    and experience

    working within the

    outdoor education

    sector in both

    Europe and North America, he brings a wealth

    of outdoor knowledge to your retail experience.

    When not at work you will find him at home in

    the mountain playgrounds of the Alps or the

    Rockies, getting away from it all on either a bike

    or a board.

    Ben Bisby is a keen

    rock climber, winter

    mountaineer, and

    adventure fell

    runner. He competes

    in long and short

    distance fell races,

    and is currently

    training for an

    ultra-marathon. He

    has climbed all over the UK and enjoys sport

    climbing in Spain. You will find Ben helping with

    our retail and online sales.

    Neil Burnett is our

    Website and Creative

    Manager. Hell

    be busy updating

    our Website and

    Social channels

    and keeping

    you informed of

    Adventure Peaks

    news and happenings. You might see him

    on a bike, rope or slogging up a hill around


    Matt Butler

    has worked at

    the wall as an

    instructor since

    2010. Promoted

    to Wall Manager,

    he still thrives on

    providing action

    packed sessions for

    all. Outside of work he loves Lakeland climbing,

    walking, and scrambling, and has become a

    member of Langdale & Ambleside Mountain

    Rescue Team.

    You may occasionally

    see Chris Falshaw

    in the Adventure

    Peaks Shop but his

    main responsibility

    is running our

    childrens shop Little

    Walkers. Chris joins us with a wealth of outdoor

    retail experience and is a keen walker.

    Carrie Gibson has

    traveled on many

    of our expeditions

    before finally joining

    Adventure Peaks

    where she is the

    Human Resources

    Manager and

    co-manages the Marmot Store. She is happy

    to give information on what kit to take on

    expeditions and you may even find her leading

    your expedition.

    Anna Hindmarch

    works with Mike and

    Stu as a Logistics

    and Administration

    Manager for

    our Treks and

    Expeditions. Anna

    spends much of

    her spare time exploring the Lake District fells

    and has been on several trips abroad including

    Everest Base Camp, Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Cotopaxi

    and Mount Toubkal.

    George Hayton-

    Hines works

    across our stores

    in Ambleside. He

    enjoys caving in the

    Yorkshire Dales and

    climbing in the Lake


    Stu Peacock is a very experienced high altitude

    mountaineer who has been to the Summit of

    Everest three times, Broad Peak, Cho Oyu and

    climbed on K2. His other expeditions include:

    Manaslu, Ama Dablam, Peak Lenin, Aconcagua,

    Khan Tengri, Tien Shan Unclimbed, Alpamayo,

    Bolivian Peaks, Spantik, Elbrus and Kilimanjaro.

    He not only leads expeditions but is also

    responsible for our IT systems and Expedition

    programmes. Stu has climbed over 8000m a

    total of 7 times and the first Brit to summit

    Everest via the North Ridge 3 times.

    Tim Riley is our

    Expedition shops

    Deputy Manager

    and Accessories

    Buyer. Previously a

    snowboard instructor

    in Canada; Tim has

    now also received

    his mountain bike instructor qualification. He is

    gearing up for his next trip of snowboarding and

    split boarding in the Alps back country.

    Maddy White

    enjoys walking and

    is responsible for

    our Accounts and


    Mike Wynne has

    over 30 years of

    experience in

    the adventure

    travel business

    and has trekked,

    travelled and led

    adult, student and family groups to more

    destinations than he can remember - Morocco

    being his speciality. Mike retired from the

    companies he founded Walks Worldwide and

    Schools Worldwide, back in 2010 and has joined

    Adventure Peaks to develop and be responsible

    for our own treks and schools program. When

    not behind his desk Mike will either be away

    leading another trip or out and about in the

    Lakes and the Yorkshire Dales.

    The Adventure Peaks teamDave Pritt is the Director of Adventure Peaks. With over 30 years of mountaineering feats, he is a very

    experienced high altitude mountaineer who has led expeditions to K2, Broad Peak and five Everest

    expeditions. Dave has completed the 7 summits, led an expedition to Ski the South Pole Last Degree,

    Satopanth in India and in 2007 he guided Ian McKeever to break the world record for the seven

    summits in 156 days.

    He is lucky enough to have climbed on the majority of our advertised peaks, but the Tien Shan

    remains his favourite destination.

  • Contact us +44 (0) 15394 33794 5

    At Ambleside Wall we think climbing should

    be easily available to anyone who wants to

    try it. Beginners of all ages can receive expert

    tuition and supervision from highly qualified

    and experienced instructors who will work hard

    to help them achieve whatever goals they

    may have.

    Experienced climbers can get open access to a wall

    where route quality, training facilities and regular

    route changes are what matters.

    We regularly organise elite coaching, training

    evenings, climbing brand road shows, gear demo

    nights and competitions so our climbers can get

    the most out of their local wall. Local businesses,

    schools and outside groups are welcomed

    through our doors throughout the year, so

    let us know if theres something we can do

    for you

    We have a 36ft Lead Climbing Wall containing 15

    lines with routes from amenable slabs to steep


    There are 45+ regularly changed routes, set with

    creativity and a passion for movement. We have a

    dedicated boulder room, friendly staff and a Caf

    with views overlooking the Wall and surrounding

    fells. It all adds up to a positive climbing


    Come and visit us

    The Ambleside Climbing Wall

    Caf AltitudeFrom our Caf overlooking the climbing wall you can watch climbers through glass viewing panels whilst enjoying a drink or one of our Caf treats. You dont have to be a climber to enjoy the Caf. Everyone is welcome, including our four-legged friends. Come and experience our unique setting and friendly atmosphere. We reckon the Caf has some of the best views in Ambleside, looking across the rooftops with stunning panoramic views of the surrounding fells.




    Kelsick Rd



    n Rd

    Lake Rd

    Rydal Rd


    h St

    North Rd




    ay R



    A593 towardsConiston

    A591 towardsWindermere & M6

    The Lily bar

    Adventure PeaksAmbleside WallCaf Altitude

    Marmot Store

    The Walkers Shop

    Little Walkers

    Find us... in the heart of Ambleside. You will see the Adventure Peaks shop, Caf Altitude, Ambleside Climbing Wall and Marmot Store on the right just as you leave the centre of Ambleside. There is a large public car park next to The Ambleside Climbing Wall.

    Full range of outdoor equipment to kit you out for all our trips

    State-of-the-art Climbing Wall

    Caf Altitude overlooking the Wall and the fells

    Face to face advice on trips and equipment 7 days a week, 9.00am-5.30pm

    Detailed information sheets on all our Expeditions, Treks and Courses

  • For latest prices, dates and new departures visit 6

    In 2014 - 7 summit and 2 Poles7 summit and 2 Poles Adventure Peaks

    successfully organised the grand slam of all nine

    for Sebastian Merriman to become the 5th Brit and

    38th person in the world to complete this amazing

    challenge in just over twelve months.

    2011 - George Atkinson2011 Seven Summits World Records

    Aged 6 he climbed Northern Irelands highest

    mountain; Slieve Donard.

    At 7 he scaled the three highest peaks in Scotland,

    England and Wales (Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and


    At 11 he climbed Kilimanjaro.

    At 13, he conquered Europes highest peak;

    Russias 5,642m Mount Elbrus.

    In 2008, he reached the summit 0f Indonesias

    Carstensz Pyramid (4,884m) then went on to

    climb South Americas highest Peak Aconcagua


    Aged 15 he went on to summit Mount McKinley

    (6,194m) in North America.

    In 2011 he conquered Mount Vinson (4,892m)

    in Antarctica.

    At 16 years of age, in 2011, George Atkinson

    reached the summit of Mount Everest (8,848m)

    giving him the world record for the youngest


    The Seven Summits Challenge has captured the imagination...


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