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  1. 1. January 2011 ADVENTURE TRAVEL DESTINATIONS what is adventure travelWWW.ADVENTURE-TRAVEL-DESTINATIONS.COMThe Adventure Travelentail a physical activity,Trade Association defines or a cultural dimension?adventure travel as Definitions I think, areany tourist activity, obsolete. An adventureincluding two of theis an adventure if youfollowing three think it is. No mattercomponents: a physicalwhat it is. It does notactivity, a culturalhave to be qualified byexchange or interaction degrees of exertion.and engagement withnature. You may sit quietly in aWhy two? Surely one issubmarine or a glassenough! Can you havebottom boat andReef fish in the red seaan adventure that is an experience theencounter with nature adventure of the oceanalone, or does it have to reefs.[1]
  2. 2. If you feel it, it is itThrough the looking glass theSitting by the campfire NATURE STYLEunderwater world of coral andsipping a Ripasso withcolor, teams with schoolmasterstoasted marshmallows,parrot fish, sea horses and alladds a special indulgenceforms of marine life. If it feelsto the wildernesslike an adventure, it is!experience.Is it less of an adventureAnd how romantic it is toto sit quietly and observewake to a fire-cookednature than to climb abreakfast with dawnglacier? It may be byrising through thesome standard but whomountain mists belowis the judge, and whatyour tent.makes one persons viewbetter that the next. IThey forgot romance,rate adventure by what Ithose gurus of thediscover, learn and feel.Adventure Travel TradeI enjoy comfort and style Association. Perhapswith my adventure. NotRomance is the biggestall the time of course, adventure of all.but the occasional luxurywill perk up theRomance, activity,experience and make itculture and nature, nowseem more special bycontrast. that is a is not lessto marvel at nature than toclimb aOutdoors with a touch ofmountain class: A glass of wine with my roasted marsmallows please! Cultural Adventure: Creative Insights [2]
  3. 3. Discovery isof means or beAdventure sponsored by the Kingor Queen or otherCONDO CRUISINGmen of means, to goColumbus had hisoff and discover newOk, Ok, Oasis of Theadventures in Sea is maybe notworlds. We can alldiscovering a new for me. I think I justexplore the world soworld. Davidfound where to drawmuch moreLivingstone, in the line on what iscomfortably adventure.discovering "DarkestAfrica" and Sir JohnWe hop on a plane ortake a cruise. OceanCruising the world inFranklin, ina condo is not mydiscovering Northernliners, live-aboards,adventure.Canada and the arctic and floating hotelsseas, to name a few.take us around theI like adventureworld in opulentThose were the days where one discoverscomfort and something about theof adventure when the entertains us withworld, about peopleworld was still Vegas shows and and about oneself.undiscovered and thePerhaps you can dogourmet food.means of getting to that on a Cruisesee it were ratherShip built like aRoyal Caribbeansextreme, by any condo on centralOasis of The Seapark.standards. Back theneven has a centralone had to be a man park. But why leave homeif you are taking itwith you.Dinner at thecaptains table, 8pmsharp, stiff andstarched in best biband tucker; nothank you!. I preferto watch the fish,camp in a forest,explore nature andcruising in discover a differentyour condo on culture. central parkMy Adventure:Outdoors in Style[3]
  4. 4. Adventure Travel Destinations | Adventure holidaySpecials | Adventure World Newshttp://Adventure-Travel-Destinations.comWe help make adventure travel destinations &adventure holidays accessible and affordable.Connecting travelers Directly to hotels andadventure tourism operators in the destination. HOTELS, TOURISM OPERATORS & DESTINATIONS Advertise your Brand and Special Packages AdvertisingPowered byCase Study - Adventure Travel Marketing AXSES arcRes PublishingMy Adventure:Cultural Adventure:Outdoors in StyleCreative InsightsADVENTURE TRAVELDESTINATIONS MARKETING AXSES TOURISM MARKETING & PUBLISHING PO Box 16B, Baslen House Kingston Terrace Bridgetown, St. Michaels, BB11090 Barbados, West Indies Tel 246 429 2653 |