Panama Dances

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  • 1. Tamborito, Panama's national dance El Tamborito means thelittle drum and it is morethan a dance. The tamborito is contagious. It is an expression of thePanamaniangrace, faith, hopes, desires, s pirit and soul. It is Panamas typical andfolkloric musical theatre. Itsintoxicating rhythm andunderlying emotions are communicated to all.

2. PANAMANIAN FOLKLORICO DANCERS IN TRADITIONAL COSTUMES & HAIR ORNAMENTS (Tembleques) 3. Panama's folklore is fully expressed in its traditionaldances, its colorful quot;Polleraquot;, the national costume, and quot;temblequesquot; (hair ornaments) worn by women; the embroidered, long- sleeved shirts, calf-high trousers, and a straw quot;Montunoquot; hat, the national costume worn by men. (Courtesy of Panamanian Folklore Dancers of Killeen, TX) 4. The Diablicos Sucios Dance The Diablicos Sucios are the ones from Los Santos and Chitre, provinces. Theywear red and black stripped suits that originally were painted with charcoal and The cone that they use to hold thequot;achiotequot; over cotton quot;manta suciaquot; and mask is beautifully decorated with carried an animal bladder that usually red guacamaya feathers. They also stank; when they danced and sweated the use castanets and a stick. There is nocolors ran off making a dirty look-hence narrative sequence in this dance. the name quot;suciosquot;. 5. Reggaeton and its Origins There are two existing versions of reggaeton origin: some say that itoriginated in Panama, othersargue that this musical directioncomes from Puerto Rico. That is actually where the majority of reggaeton singers come from.Reggaeton actually developed from Jamaican Reggae, but wascertainly influenced by various other musical directions, like forexample, North American Hip- Hop and Puerto Rican rhythms. 6. Famous Panamanian & PuertoricanReggaeton Singers Winsin & Yandel Daddy YankeeDon Omar Eddy Lover & DemphraFlex 7. Bibliography Websites: panamas-national-dance.html ablicos/diablicopres.htm http://www.reggaeton-in-