Animated Dances

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Text of Animated Dances

  • Animated Dances A ContestYou are invited to imitate each of the dances shown after observing carefully the animated dancer. Judging shall be based on accuracy of the dance creative presentation

    Note: The Slide Show can be downloaded for the animation effects to be shown on Power Point. Suitable music can be played externally.

  • A Jew Dances

  • An Easter Dance

  • A Ballerina Dances

  • A Soldier Dances

  • An Oriental Dance

  • A Bunny Man Dances

  • A Flamenco Dance

  • A Ballet Dance

  • A Hula Dance

  • A Robot Dances

  • A Red Indian Dance

  • A Weird Man Dances

  • The EndMay You Be Creative!With Metta,Bro. Oh Teik Bin