Turkish Dances vs British Dances

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Turkish Dances vs British Dances. Turkish Dances: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Turkish Dances vs British DancesTurkish Dances:In turkey there are lots of traditional things. One of the traditional thing is Turkish Folk Dances. In every city has a dance. For instance Erzurum has Erzurum Bar, Aydn has Zeybek, anakkale and Balkesir have Harmandal, Konya has Kak, Ankara has Fidayda and Misket, Artvin has Artvin Traditional Folk Dances, Trabzon and Rize have Horon and my favourite dance is Kafkas. This dance usually playing in Erzurum and Kars.There is so much dances but these are the most popular dances.</p> <p>Erzurum Bar</p> <p>Zeybek</p> <p> Harmandal</p> <p>Kak</p> <p> Fidayda</p> <p>Misket</p> <p> Artvin Traditional Folk Dances</p> <p>Horon</p> <p>KAFKAS</p> <p>New Zealand Dancces: In New Zealand there is very famous dance which name is Haka. In the past this dance is a war dance. It is the show of soldiers brave. Nowadays this dance is using in shows. In 18th of March New Zealanders come to Gelibolu and they commemorate their died soldiers. In Gelibolu they always do Haka. If a famous New Zealander bussinesman or bussines woman open a new place they always do Haka. On the world this dance is very famous. </p> <p>Prepared by:Sencer Kaan ENOLPrep D - 147</p>