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    Joshua Stubbins

  • As you probably know, I love to travel

    I am constantly on the go and moving around the state, the country, and the world

    There are so many great places to see but not enough vacation days unfortunately

    Ive taken the liberty of making the list youll see in this presentation for great places to travel and places I would love to visit personally

    Enjoy and feel free to let me know if I left any special locations off the list

  • SAN FRANCISCO This wonderful destination on the

    coast of Cal i fornia draws in countless tourists every year

    The weather is perfect, the sports teams are great, and there are more sights to see than you can imagine

    Whether youre taking a picture at the Golden Gate bridge, walking by the windy Lombard Street, or grabbing a mega-sandwich at Ikes Place, youll come to love San Francisco just like I do

  • CHICAGO The windy city is a fantastic place to visit

    in the Fall right before the snow and ice comes in

    Chicago has grown to be one of the most popular cities in America and draws a ton of recent college graduates each year

    The city is plenty big and sits perfectly right on Lake Michigan providing tourists and residents with countless water activities and boat tours

    Be sure to check out Millennium Park, Grant Park & Buckingham Fountain, and the Field Museum


    The city of lights is not only one of the most romantic destinations on Earth but it's also a fantastic tourist destination

    The city is covered in history from the arts, to music, to theatre, and beyond

    Paris is a sophisticated city with notable landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and Notre Dame Cathedral scattered about the city

    Make sure you have comfortable shoes on and a taste for croissants because youll need both

  • SAVANNAH Welcome to beautiful Savannah,


    Savannah is in the heart of the South and boasts beautiful architecture, comfort food that you read about, and more all topped with the famously sought after southern hospitality

    Enjoy jazz concerts, historic city tours, and delicious home-cooking restaurants

    Popular area in Savannah include River Street, Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, and Fort Pulaski National Monument

  • VANCOUVER Making our way north in Canadas

    frontier we stumble upon Vancouver

    A young city at heart with both mountains and beaches all around, Vancouver is becoming one of the most sought after locations for real estate on the international market

    The city has also become a high-fashion hub for designers, and is rapidly growing

    If you decide to tour Vancouver be sure to go to Queen Elizabeth Park, Stanley Park, and Granville Park

  • Joshua Stubbins

    Thank you for viewing my presentation. Please be sure to check back again soon for more updates and