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  • Australian Travel DestinationsTimothy BuckinghamBrooke CairnsMichelle Cadd

  • MelbourneTimothy BuckinghamImage retrieved from,_Melbourne_-_Feb_2005.jpg

  • Attractions Surrounded by parks, gardens and historic architecture, Melbourne is home to high end cuisine, blockbuster sporting events, music and art festivals and family fun activities.Major attractions include but are not limited to:Melbourne ZooLuna ParkMelbourne Star Observation WheelMelbourne AquariumMelbourne Cricket GroundEureka Skydeck 88Flinders Street Station

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  • TransportationAccessing Melbourne's best attractions, sporting venues and shopping precincts is easy and affordable with Melbourne's train, tram and bus services.If public transport is not for you, Melbourne's freeways and roads are easy to access and navigate.Once in Melbourne options for transport include:TrainTramBusBicycleCar / motorcycleTaxi

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  • AccommodationWhether you are looking for a luxurious suite with city views or basic backpacker accommodation Melbourne is sure to have what you are looking for!Popular accommodation available to all types of holiday makers include:

    Guesthouse / Bed and Breakfast.

    Hotels / Motels ranging from 3 -5 star ratings.

    Budget Hotels and Hostels.

  • WeatherMelbourne is a city with virtually its own climate zone - the only thing predictable about the weather is that its unpredictable!

    Best seasons are generally considered to be autumn (March to May) and spring (September to November). These are the best times to enjoy good weather and avoid massive tourist crowds.

    Summers (December to February) range from warm to hot conditions - one day can be 25 degrees Celsius and the next 40.

    Winter (June to August)) can be cold, however Melbourne does not experience ice storms or blizzards, and at this time, accommodation and airfares are generally discounted.

  • PopulationThe population of Melbourne is made up of a diverse range of people. Residents of the city include young professionals, students and older couples looking to enjoy retirement and enjoy everything Melbourne city has to offer.According to the Australian Beauru of Statistics:At June 2013, there were an estimated 4.35 million people resident in Greater Melbourne.

    Greater Melbourne accounts for 76% of Victoria's population.

    Melbourne has the fastest growing population than any other Capital City in Australia.

  • Perth Brooke Cairns

  • AttractionsPerth is home to a variety of attractions including park lands, marine and nature life, beautiful beaches, shopping and more.Major attractions include:The Bell TowerLocated where Perth meets the Swan River the Bell tower stands as one of the largest musical instruments in the world housing historic bells dating back to the 14th Century.The bell Tower was specifically built to house the bells of St Martins in the Field Church. Perths bell tower is the only bell tower in the world where can view all the bells ringing.

    Rottness Islanda protected reserve, located just 19km off the mainland. Rottness Island is full of pristine beaches and snorkelling opportunities for couples, families and individuals. Catch the Rottnes Express over to Rottness Island and make it there in just 25 minutes.

  • TransportationTransport In Perth is available through the means of highway / freeway networks as well as train and bus services. Once in Perth transport is available by:Car / motorcycleTrainBusTaxiBicycle

  • AccommodationPerth has a variety of accommodation for a range of guests from backpackers to families.Cheaper accommodation comes in the form of hostels and can be acquired for $48 for a twin share dorm. Also available are star rating hotels starting from $89 per night.Included within the CBD are:Guesthouse / Bed and Breakfast.

    Hotels / Motels ranging from 3 -5 star ratings.

    Budget Hotels and Hostels.

  • WeatherPerth is one of five mediterranean climate zones in the world. For majority of the year the weather is warm and sunny. The winter is usually wet, however temperatures do not generally drop very low.

    The best time to visit Perth is between Spring and Autumn as the temperature is more pleasant ranging between 21-26 degrees in comparison with 28 up to 45 degrees in Summer.

    Winter and Spring are generally high in rainfall experiencing between 54-65 millimeters of rain during these seasons. During Autumn and Summer the rainfall varies between 10-30millimetres of rain.

  • Population

    According to the Beauru of Statistics, in 2013, the population of Greater Perth was 1.97 million people.

    Greater Perths population makes up for 78% of Western Australias entire population

  • HobartMichelle Cadd

  • AttractionsHobart is a relaxing and laid back getaway from Australias mainland. Major attractions in Hobart consist of:Port ArthurWildlife Feeding FrenzyRoyal Tasmanian Botanic GardensMount WellingtonSullivans CoveRosny Point LookoutBattery PointMyrtle Forest

  • TransportationHobart is 20 minutes from the airport. Travel to Hobart is via airport shuttle or taxiOnce in Hobart the options to get around are:CyclingWalkingTaxisBusesFerry or Water TaxiHobart Hopper (free) hop on, hop offPrivate Car

  • AccommodationHobart has accommodation to suit all types of holidaymakersincluding:

    Guesthouse / Bed and Breakfasts.

    Hotels / Motels ranging from 3 -5 star ratings.

    Budget Hotels and Hostels.

  • WeatherHobarts weather consists of four season: summer, autumn, spring and winter. The climate is described as cool temperate.

    Hobart is the second driest capital city in Australia.

    Warmest time to travel is between December and March (average daily temp between 17C and 23C).

    Winter averages between 3C and 11C daily.

    Hobarts average rainfall is 626 mm per year

  • PopulationAccording to the ABS (2011):Hobart approx 211,656 (includes Greater Hobart).

    Hobart (city) 48,703

  • CredibilityThe references that were used within this presentation were considered to be reliable and credible. The criteria used to assess the sources were:information is currentcontact informationinformation is complete & comprehensivegoals/objectives for posting the informationauthor credibility

    Each source has current and up to date information some updated as recently as January 2015. The sources used displayed contact information for consumers to contact the supplier/author should they need to. The information contained in the websites is comprehensive and informative. When the information was compared to other websites the information was found to be true and accurate. The authors were mostly government sites (state and local) and well known, popular travel sites. We felt it is important to ensure within the presentation we used credible sources as there are no universal standards for posting information online, and digital information may be easily altered, plagiarized, misrepresented, or created anonymously under false pretenses (Metzger, 2007). Studies such as Metzger (2007) has also shown that internet users do not check the accuracy of information obtained online. Therefore it is imperative that authors of presentations using online information check the credibility of the sources they are using.

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