Yammer 1010 SharePoint Saturday Bend 2014

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Short Yammer 101 overview. Why are organizations using Yammer, how it is used and where it overlaps with SharePoint. It also shows how to sign up and customize an account.

Text of Yammer 1010 SharePoint Saturday Bend 2014

  • 1. Why & How areOrganizationsusing Yammer?Where doesYammer overlapwith SharePoint?Understand how tosign up andconfigure youraccountCheck out variousfeatures foreffectivecollaborationYammer 101Understanding & Using YammerJackie WilushewskiMarquam Group Web Developer

2. Why are Organizations using Yammer? Harness knowledge Fosters transparency Engage employees Open communication Faster answers and responsiveness Ideas sharing and innovation Can connect global teams Company culture News and information 3. How are Organizations using Yammer? Team collaboration Employee engagement Connected organization Business agilityITSales HRMarketing 4. Where does Yammer overlap with SharePoint? Yammer feed Yammer app Document sharing 5. How to sign up 6. How to configure your account 7. Groups, People, Files and more 8. Like, Reply, Share. Follow, Bookmark, Praise@Jackie Wilushewski #yammer 9. Help drive Collaboration Welcome new members Create & Join Groups Encourage colleagues to talk about their job and keep their profile up to date Promote use of @mentions and #topics Share relevant conversations Praise & Recognize people for work well done Reward team collaboration successes 10. Questions? 11. Thank you!for joining us todayJackie WilushewskiMarquam Group Web Developer