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1. Global BIS meets 2. Yammer Successes 3. Home FeedBe sure to select theright group whenpostingStart a conversation 4. Post Different Types of MessagesPolls allow you to quickly getanonymous feedback on up to10 choicesPraise allows you to recognizeyour colleagues for going aboveand beyond with differentbadgesEvents allow you to quicklyshare meetings and events withyour teamsAnnouncements are for Adminsonly and go into the inbox ofevery group member ensuringthe update is not missed 5. Reply to the Appropriate PersonNotify specific people as a cc: or anFYIReply to a specific person within athread by clicking the Reply linkbeneath the message 6. Inbox MessagesCreate a conversationSee: Announcements @mentions/ ccs Conversationsyouve joined orfollowed Private Messages 7. Join GroupsClick Groups to searchexisting Groups in thenetwork.Browse Groups in the AllGroups tab or see suggestedgroups to join in theSuggested tab.Your Groups 8. Start Conversations in GroupsNavigate to a GroupStart typing in the Share somethingwith this group box@mention colleagues within themessage to add the conversation totheir Yammer Inbox 9. Create a Group for Your TeamClick the to create a newgroupAdd a group nameSpecify who should use the groupand whySelect Public or Private 10. Yammer NotificationsInbox notifications Replies toconversations youstarted and joined Private Messages @mentions +Add people to notify AnnouncementsGeneral notifications People Like yourmessage Votes on your Polls Invitations tocollaborate on a Note New versions of Filesand NotesNetwork notifications Sum of Inbox andGeneral Notificationsfrom ExternalNetworksGroup notifications The number ofunread messages inthat group since thelast time you visited 11. Yammer SettingsChange setting, clickedit profile