WaterWise Plant Choices

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Pictures and information on some of the wide variety of trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals and bulbs that can be used in WaterWise landscapes in Oregon.

Text of WaterWise Plant Choices

  • 1.Plants for WaterWise GardeningLinda R. McMahan, Horticulturist Oregon State University Extension Service

2. WaterWise

  • Hundreds of WaterWise plants are available forlandscapes
  • They include trees & shrubs, perennials, and many other kinds of garden plants

http://oregonstate.edu/dept/ldplants/maaq3.htm 3. Plants for WaterWise Gardening

  • Learn your local climate and rainfall patterns and find your USDA or other growing zone
  • Match plants that will require little or no additional water in landscape settings
  • Create a pleasing mixture of trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants and groundcovers to complement your existing landscape or to create a new landscape

4. Examples from Oregon Notice on the following map that precipitation patterns strongly influence different kinds of vegetation in different parts of Oregon 5. WaterWise Trees

  • Native and nonnative trees provide choices for WaterWise
  • They vary from evergreen to deciduous and include many conifers as well as flowering trees

Ginkgo ( Ginkgo biloba),a large WaterWise tree .Photo: Neil Bell 6. The Value of Trees

  • Shade
  • Vertical structure for visual effect and to support wildlife

Strawberry tree ( Arbutus unedo ), a small WaterWise Tree choice -Photo: Linda McMahan 7. Quercus garryana,Oregon white oak Photo: Neil Bell WaterWise TreesA Few Natives A small native tree, Cascara , Rhamnuspurshiana http://oregonstate.edu/dept/ldplants/rhapu1.htm 8. Cupressus arizonica Cedrus deodaraWaterWise Trees Photos: Neil Bell 9. Picea pungens Colorado spruce http://www.wsu.edu/~lohr/wcl/ WaterWise Trees Cercis chinensis,Chinese redbud (Photo: Neil Bell) 10. WaterWise Trees Holly oak ( Quercus ilex ) http://oregonstate.edu/dept/ldplants/quilex.htm 11. Serviceberry ( Amelanchier arborea ) Photos: Amy Jo Detweiler WaterWise Trees 12. WaterWise Trees Western larch ( Larix occidentalis )http://www.malag.aes.oregonstate.edu/wildflowers/images.php/id-1187 Rocky mountain maple (Acer glabrum)http://www.malag.aes.oregonstate.edu/wildflowers/species.php/id-87 http://www.wsu.edu/~lohr/wcl/trees/acerglab/wacglf.gif 13. WaterWise Shrubs

  • Many shrubs are available
  • Choose from a wide variety of native flowering shrubs
  • Many native shrubs have attractive named cultivars
  • Choose shrubs and subshrubs from Mediterranean areas as other choices

Red flowering currant ( Ribes sanguineum),a native Oregon flowering shrub - Photo: Linda McMahan 14. The Value of Shrubs

  • Eye level
  • Shelter & food for birds, butterflies, beneficial insects
  • Create the middle layer of a vertical landscape

Golden currant ( Ribes aureum ), an Oregon native plant for east and westside-Photo: Linda McMahan 15. Holodiscus discolor,oceanspray WaterWiseOR Native Shrubs Philadelphus lewisii,mock orange Garrya elliptica,silk tassel bush Photos: Neil Bell 16. Ceanothus thyrsiflorusVictoria California lilacPhoto:Neil Bell WaterWiseOR Native Shrubs Sambucus mexicana (caerulea),blue elderberryPhoto: LindaMcMahan 17. WaterWiseOR Native Shrubs Arctostaphylos patula Photo: Neil BellMt. mahoganyCercocarpus ledifoliushttp://www.malag.aes.oregonstate.edu/wildflowers/species.php/id-920 18. WaterWise Native Shrubs Purple sage ( Salvia dorii )http://www.malag.aes.oregonstate.edu/wildflowers/images.php/id-1072 Low Oregon grape (Berberis repens)http://www.malag.aes.oregonstate.edu/wildflowers/images.php/id-11 19. Artemesia tridentata Photo: Tonie Fitzgerald, WSU Extension WaterWise OR Native Shrubs 20. Euonymus japonicus(a variegated form) http://oregonstate.edu/dept/ldplants/eujav1.htm WaterWise Shrubs Early floweringGrevillea rosmarinifolia Photo: Neil Bell 21. WaterWise Shrubs CistusxpurpureusPhoto: Neil Bell Cistus sp.Photo: Linda McMahan 22. WaterWise Shrubs Holly leaf osmanthus,Osmanthus heterophyllus http://oregonstate.edu/dept/ldplants/oshe.htm Box honeysuckle,Lonicera nitidaBaggesens Gold http://oregonstate.edu/dept/ldplants/lonibg.htm 23. WaterWise Perennials and Subshrubs

  • More perennials are available than of trees and shrubs
  • Choose from natives, prairie plants, herbs & other mediterranean plants

Helianthemu m, rock rose-Photo: Neil Bell What is a Subshrub? It is perennial like, but dies back each winter to a woody base from which it resprouts. 24. The Value of Perennials

  • Garden Interest and design element
  • Nectar for hummingbirds, butterflies, & insects
  • Cut flowers

Epilobium canum (Zauchneria californica),California fuschia -Photo: Neil Bell 25. WaterWise Perennials and Subshrubs Sedum Autumn Joy -Photos: Linda McMahan 26. WaterWise Perennials and Subshrubs Pineleaf Penstemon ( Penstemon pinifolius ) -Photos: Amy Jo Detweiler Yellow form also available 27. WaterWise Perennials and Subshrubs Painted daisy(Tanacetum coccineum)Photos:Amy Jo Detweiler 28. Achillea millefolium.Yarrow (Photo: Linda McMahan) Erysimum Julian Orchard, wallflower (Photo: Neil Bell) WaterWise Perennials & Subshrubs 29. WaterWise Perennials and Subshrubs Senecio cineraria , dusty miller Photo Neil Bell Echinacea purpureaWhite Swan Photo: Linda McMahan 30. WaterWise Herbs

  • Herbs from the Mediterranean are a familiar form of herbaceous plant for gardens
  • They are also culinary herbs, and may even act as deer repellants
  • Avoid lemon balm and fennel which can become invasive in nature

Rosmarinus officinalis,rosemary Photo: Neil Bell 31. Lavendula angustifolia Photo: Linda McMahan Lavendulacultivar Photo: Neil Bell WaterWise Herbs Several kinds of lavendar work well in WaterWise gardens 32. WaterWiseHerbs Salvia chamaedryoidesPhoto: Neil Bell Chives Photo: Linda McMahan 33. WaterWise Herbs From the Michigan State Universitys 4-H Childrens Garden Photo: Linda McMahan 34. WaterWise Herbaceous Plants Native Oregon sunshine ( Eriophyllum lanatum ) http://www.malag.aes.oregonstate.edu/wildflowers/images.php/id-1757(Inset: Linda McMahan) Showy penstemon ( Penstemon speciosus) http://www.malag.aes.oregonstate.edu/wildflowers/images.php/id-2033 35. WaterWise Herbaceous Plants Oregon Natives Pearly pussytoesAntennarria anaphaloidesPhoto: Linda McMahan 36. WaterWise Herbaceous Plants Oregon Natives Yarrow,Achillea millefolium , native form (Photo: Linda McMahan Columbine,Aquilegia formosa, (Photo: Linda McMahan 37. WaterWise Herbaceous Plants Oregon Natives Pearly everlasting,Anaphalas margaritaceaPhoto: Linda McMahan Sword fern,Polystichum munitum Photo: Linda McMahan 38. WaterWise Bulbs

  • Most are attractive
  • Many are native to Oregon or Mediterranean areas of the world
  • Many are already familiar to Oregon gardeners

Leucojum aestivum , summer snowflake Photo: Linda McMahan 39. Why Bulbs?

  • Nearly all bulbs, except those of tropical origin fit well into WaterWise landscapes
  • Withholding most water in the summer months actually aids in bulb survival in our gardens

Iris tenax,Oregon iris Photo: Linda Mcmahan 40. WaterWiseBulbs Anemone blanda Crocussp. Photos:Linda McMahan Tulips,Tulipasp. 41. WaterWiseBulbs Photos:Linda McMahan Iris Queen Dorothy Various Asiatic lilies 42. WaterWise Bulbs Oregon Natives Douglas irisIris douglasiiPhoto: Linda McMahan Camassp. Photo: Neil Bell 43. WaterWise Annuals Helianthus annuus Sunflower Photo: Linda McMahan Eschscholzia californica California poppy Photo: Linda Mcmahan Clarkia sp.Photo: Neil Bell 44. WaterWise Groundcovers

  • Lastly, groundcovers provide help in weed suppression and water retention
  • And provide cover for smaller wildlife and beneficial insects

Fragaria virginiana, one of our native strawberriesPhoto: Linda McMahan 45. WaterWiseGroundcovers Fragaria chiloensis, Beach strawberry http://oregonstate.edu/dept/ldplants/frch3.htm Juniperus horizontalis http://oregonstate.edu/dept/ldplants/juho1.htm Sedum spathulifolium,Photo Linda McMahan 46. WaterWiseGroundcovers Ceanothus prostratusKinnickinnick (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi)Photos: Linda McMahan 47. The End Enjoy your new garden!