Why Waterwise Landscapes Matter

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  1. 1. Why Waterwise? Why Waterwise? Cynthia Bee, BLA Conservation Programs
  2. 2. Where Our Water Comes From Mountain Snowpack Rivers Reservoirs Groundwater Treatment and Distribution Future Sources Bear River Utah Lake More Groundwater
  3. 3. Obstacles to a Steady Water Supply Population Growth Water sources fixed Number of people varies Environmental Concerns New projects affect the environment Stream flow and wetlands Controversy and Cost Drought Cyclical in nature Unpredictable
  4. 4. Limitations On Water 2nd Driest state in America + 3rd Fastest growing population + Highest per capita water use = Serious future water shortages and cost increases
  5. 5. Not a Waterwise Landscape
  6. 6. Made for Arizona or Nevada
  7. 7. This is not what were asking people to do!
  8. 8. THIS is a Wasatch Way Localscape
  9. 9. Lawnless Localscapes
  10. 10. Wasatch Way Localscape WITH Lawn
  11. 11. The Utah Island Typical Utah Front Yard Design BETTER Front Yard Design
  12. 12. Typical Utah Front Yard with Planted Kidney Bean Island
  13. 13. Waterwise Front Yard with Lawn as the Island Design by Shaun Moser, Conservation Garden Park
  14. 14. Green The Bean Flip the design so the LAWN is the island
  15. 15. Converting Small Areas
  16. 16. Converting Small Areas
  17. 17. Fully Converted Landscape Small steps over time can transition an existing landscape into a more sustainable design.
  18. 18. A little more lawn than some but all lawn area forms a single block of turf.
  19. 19. Lots of edges to maintain Grass is NOT useful ONE edge to maintain ALL grass is useful
  20. 20. Avoid odd bits of grass Hard Way Best Way Avoid illogical, high maintenance, water hogging scraps of lawn.
  21. 21. What Small Changes Can You Make Now? Rip Your Strip
  22. 22. How Do Waterwise Landscapes make a neighborhood look? Typical Suburban Street View Waterwise Suburban Street View
  23. 23. 8215 South 1300 West West Jordan, Utah Want to Learn More? FREE Waterwise Landscaping classes throughout the season FREE Demonstration Gardens EXPERT advice NEW Education Center Fall 2011