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Tom Barrett WaterWise project

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  • 1.Saving OurFuture By Tom Barrett

2. We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.Thomas Fuller (1732) 3. The Investigation The purpose of this investigation is to see how muchwater my family uses on a daily basis and how ourconsumption can be reduced. 4. Steps involved 1. measure water consumption morning, afternoon andevening 2. design an action plan to reduce water consumption 3. Evaluate the effectiveness of the action plan 5. Data collectionThe typical times I collected water readings were:Morning reading = 8:15amAfternoon reading = 3:20pmEvening reading = 8:30pm 6. INITIAL 7 daysConsumption in liters1400 1200 1000800600400200 0 DAY 12345 6 7 Morning usage Afternoon usage Night usage 7. How my INITIAL data informedour action plan In theinitial week I noticed the greatest water usagewas is in the afternoon-night. During the day no one ishome. The family all shower in the evening and thedishwasher is also used in the evening. Our water usage increasedsignificantly on the weekend.Saturday is wash day andseveral loads are done. Ourwater usage spiked on Saturday. 8. action planMy action plan entailed: Use a timer to reduce shower times Use buckets in the shower to collect water for thegarden To run the dish washer less often and only when full Run the washing machine only on the weekend whenthere is a full load, small items would be hand washed. 9. What my family thought aboutmy plan Water conservation has always been a priority in myfamily so my family were ready for the challenge. My parents lived on a farm where the only water wasgathered from the rainwater tanks As a result mum and dad have always been aware ofthe need to conserve water and use it wisely Therefore everyone was happy comply 10. Our official water usage Our excess water bill is always lower than our friendsthough according to our recent bill, we are above theaverage usage for Shenton Park. I dont know if this isbecause there are quite afew units and town houses inthe area that share a gardenand generally are occupiedby singles and couples butnot families with kids. 11. What I expect the outcome of theaction plan might be I think my plan will work as we have always tried toconserve water. However, the real test will come in the summer monthswhen we run the reticulation. 12. Data collected during the 14 dayaction planConsumption in liters 1200 1000800600400200 0 DAY1 2 3 4 56 7 8 910 11 12 13 14Morning usage Afternoon usageNight usage 13. Data collected during the action planConsumption in liters 1200 1000800600400200 0 DAY1 2 3 4 56 7 8 910 11 12 13 14Morning usage Afternoon usageNight usage 14. How effective my plan was The plan did seem to work except our water usage wasnot significantly lower because we have always beenquite conscious of our water use. I suspect that the action plan would have really beenput to the test had measurements been taken duringthe summer months when we are allowed to use ourreticulation. 15. How easy the plan was toimplement. Measuring our water use has made us more aware ofthe huge amount of water we still use. As family wehave started to think of ways that we can further reduceour usage. 16. Future plansThis assignment got the whole family talking about water usage. Ideas we discussed were: Re-use the grey water from the washing machine. This will require a filter system and some expert advice. (Neighbour has a company designed to conserve water) Re-direct the water from our evaporative air-conditionerinto the garden Install a rain water tank 17. What I learnt Small changes in our water usage can add up to muchbigger changes. If the water my family saved was multiplied by everymember in my class, the savings can be enormous.