Utah Waterwise Landscape Example House

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  1. 1. Waterwise Residential Example Landscape
  2. 2. Bangerter Homes DIY Blogger House Salt Lake Parade of Homes 2014 Front Yard, Summer 2012 Front Yard, Summer 2015
  3. 3. Green the Bean- lawn is the island and plantings are the sea Lawn does not touch concrete where possible, saves water + maintenance. Plants were chosen that would naturally fit the landscape, not pruned to fit.
  4. 4. Lawn is used sparingly in the front yard and only as one contiguous piece. The section of the front yard to the left of the entry walk is too small to be of value for recreational lawn. Instead, a functional path is installed for movement from the driveway to front door. Colorful plantings ensure the experience will be attractive. Homeowner Comments: Weve been in the house for three years now and have adjusted our sprinkler system watering times down to just 1-2 waterings per week. We love that theres lots of color and something always blooming in the landscape. All the neighbors want to know why our lawn stays so green all season and The secret is the deep roots created by less frequent watering. We love our lower water bill too!
  5. 5. Side Yard 2015 2012
  6. 6. Corner lot, side yard is lawnless. Knock Out Roses, Lavender and other plantings create a waterwise border with a formal feel. Path is surfaced with chat rock, a low-cost option.
  7. 7. Backyard Hanging Daybed Swing
  8. 8. Special DIY Projects Hanging Daybed Swing Tutorial: http://club.conservationgardenpark.org/2012/08/diy-blogger-house- tutorial-hanging-daybed-swing/ Door Arbor Tutorial: http://club.conservationgardenpark.org/2012/08/diy-blogger-house- tutorial-vintage-door-arbor/
  9. 9. Heres the design and plant schedule. Feel free to copy for your own use! NOTES: 1. Lawn is Drought King Bluegrass Blend from Aposhian Sod Farms which requires less water than traditional bluegrass. 2. All beds and planting areas are irrigated with drip irrigation. 3. Lawn is 25% of lot coverage. This is a moderately conserving yard- not xeric. 4. Lawn is a cohesive shape without obstacles in it and with limited adjacency to concrete surfaces. 5. No matter how its designed, it only conserves water if YOU do. Even a waterwise landscape can be overwatered. Design it well, plant it with the right plants then water appropriately and youll have a gorgeous, low- maintenance landscape!