[Srijan Wednesday Webinars] Truly Scalable eCommerce with Drupal Commerce

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Truly Scalable eCommerceWith !Chris RooneyPresident Digital Bridge Solutionschris.rooney@dbridgesolutions.com @dbridgechicago

Wait you mean Drupal does eCommerce too?


- About Us

@srijan#SrijanWWFull lifecycle Drupal development agency founded in 2009Digital commerce and content experiences for mid-sized enterprisesOur HistoryOur Friends

Some Drupal Clients

So What IS eCommerce?


Who Are The Players?


Size (of target client, project budget, etc.)

The Problem With Large #s


Scaling Challenges

@srijan#SrijanWWFeaturesTraffic & TransactionsIntegrationsProducts / SKUs

Products / SKUsChallenges

Database Performance

Catalog Navigation

Product Management

Slow websiteUnsatisfied / confused customersSad, overwhelmed eCommerce team


Products / SKUsSolutions

DB Performance - External, optimized MySQL

Catalog Navigation - SOLR-based faceted navigation & search

Product Management Client ERP


www.hawkusa.com 500,000+ SKUs, 20+ attributes per SKUProduct configurator with 4 QUADRILLION potential outcomes

Traffic & TransactionsChallenges

Infrastructure Performance (web server, database)


Scaling Un-cached Pages (i.e. checkout)

Change Management

Performance degradationOutagesStressed out support team


Traffic & TransactionsSolutions

Infrastructure Performance & Scaling Un-cached PagesLoad testingLoad balancingApp server cloningDatabase optimization

Caching Redis, Memcache, Varnish

@srijan#SrijanWWConsumer Products Client 50% of annual orders processed during 2 month periodPeriodic promotion-driven traffic surges of 10,000%


Code Maintenance and Supportability

Higher support costsStressed out support team



Code Maintenance and SupportabilityDrupal Commerce frameworkThe Community!


www.martin-eng.com Multi-lingualLocalized product catalogB2B commerce


Integration Methods - Multiple vs. One

Load Capacity Of Other Systems

Slow websiteSad, overwhelmed eCommerce Team



Integration MethodsModulesAsynchronous integration

Load Capacity of Other SystemsMonitoring


In SummaryDrupal Commerce helps you scale because:



But What About Drupal 8?Not to worry

Commerce modules are currently being ported

Symfony framework enables cleaner module development

Improved out of box page caching and faster page downloads

Multi-lingual and multi-currency capabilities now included


Drupal Knowledge Helps

Drupal is powerful and flexibleInvest in planning your data modelContent best practices can be applied to eCommerceBut Commerce Is Hard!

Performance and availability really matterSecurity and compliance issuesResponsive design complexities

Advice For Drupalists@srijan#SrijanWW

Advice For OrganizationsDo you have:

Non-standard order / checkout processes?

Complex, configurable products?

Multi-step buying process, or a need for guided selling?

Complex business rules around who can buy what, and at what price?

Something unique on the backend that needs to be connected to in a unique way?

If this sounds like you, consider Drupal Commerce!


Chris RooneyPresident Digital Bridge Solutionschris.rooney@dbridgesolutions.com@dbridgechicagoThank You!Take this conversation online by tweeting using the hashtag #SrijanWW