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Great sales start with listening. Similarly, online conversations start with relevant content. Most websites display the same content to everyone. Result: Lower conversion rates, frustrated users and hapless marketing teams who are constantly guessing about their target market. In this webinar, Jacob Singh has demonstrated how one can use simple open source tools and some web services to create a website which adapts to the user through explicit targeting and artificial intelligence that listens to them and gives them what they are actually looking for.


  • 1. 1 Personalization Creating 1:1 connections at scale Jacob Singh, Country Head, Acquia India @JacobSingh

2. 2 Why is personalization important?! ! 3. 3 Why dont we invest in personalization?!Stuck in old models of thinking about customer interactions 4. 4 5. 5 6. 6 35,000 restaurants In 119 countries 7. 7 More than 700 items on the menu 8. 8 9. 9 Having a website is like having a restaurant that serves:! Every age group Every language Every country Every income level At every time of day In all types of weather On every device Good Luck 10. 10 Agenda! 01. Benets of personalization 02. Techniques of personalization 03. Personalization strategy 04. Tools 11. 11 01. Benets 12. 12 Business goals of a digital property! ! Increase revenue Increase time on site Improve customer loyalty/satisfaction Reduce costs to acquire customers 13. 13 Typical deal funnel! 14. 14 This model completely ignores the fact that each user is different and has a variety of reasons they visit a site, each looking for something specic.! ! 15. 15 Benets of personalization! Better site usability. Showing the right content directly makes a site easier to browse. It allows users to nd the most desirable information quickly. Increase conversions / call to actions By putting the right content in front of a user you increase the odds that they will make a call to action. Retention Personalization enhances a sites stickiness and an increased likelihood that a customer will bookmark and return to your site. Replicating a familiar experience Think of personalization like the friendly sales clerk. The person that remembers you, suggests purchases and helps you solve problems. 16. 16 02. Techniques 17. 17 Testing Easily create A/B and multivariate tests for your content directly in Drupal. Create and track conversion goals and gain real-time insight into performance against KPIs. Targeting Automated targeting and explicit rules- based targeting based on attributes stored in Drupal, or on a wide range of detected attributes like geo- location, device, or even current weather. Reporting Build personas based on both at-a-glance and detailed reports so you understand content relevance and whats driving lift. Tools of personalization! 18. 18 Testing! Randomly showing different users different content Can be A/B (2 variants) or A/B, A/C, B/C (Multivariant). Must be matched with goals to determine success 19. 19 Testing: Expedia earned $12m by removing one eld! 20. 20 Targeting! Intentionally showing different users content based on information we have about them Can be explicit (Tell the system to show North Indian users the Holi promotion) Can be implicit (This user is a North Indian and they typically click Holi ads more, so automatically show it). 21. 21 Targeting: Logged out of google! 22. 22 Logged into google! 23. 23 Reporting! Correlate behavior to personalization Drive marketing, IT, and product strategy Feeds into future testing cycles 24. 24 Reporting! 25. 25 03. Strategy 26. 26 Factors of personalization! Variants Variations of content and/or user interface Contexts Data about the user or their behavior Goals Quantiable actions that contribute to business goals. 27. 27 JARGON EXAM!! We Test under which Contexts a Variant will result in more Goal conversions.! Our Reporting allows us to Target users and personalize their experience. 28. 28 Example! Variant: Long signup form vs. short sign up form Goals: Short form submission, Long form submission, email click through, purchase. Contexts: Time on site, country, local time of day, % of youth in the visitors city, etc. 29. 29 Possible conclusions! Short forms submit 25% more than long forms, but long forms have 40% more revenue attached. People in cities where the population is demographically younger are more likely to abandon a long form. Show the long form more often in demographically older areas. 30. 30 Implicit vs Explicit! Explicit personalization: Tell the site to show Variant A to everyone using a smartphone on the weekend. Implicit personalization: System discovers that Variant A is more effective when used by mobile users on the weekend, automatically creates the rule and tests it. 31. 31 Case study: Acquia.com! Column 1: Maxim and Semi Case study has a 140% lift CMS Selection guide for government with an 88% lift Column 3: CMS Selection guide is showing a 300% lift When Gov goes Digital Solution Brief with 56% lift Free page button copy (A/B) Control originally said "Get Free but "Start Coding" had a 17% increase in clicks and a 31% lift over all other tested options Summary: So far Lifthas provided a 17% lead increase and a 33% click through improvement 32. 32 04. Tools 33. 33 Various personalization suites! Acquia Lift Strong integration, automatic machine learning Adobe Test and Target Nice interface, very expensive, DOM based WEM module in Drupal Only supports explicit targeting, free and open source Site CatalystOnly for Sitecore, feature rich, expensive 34. 34 Acquia Lift: ! Demo 35. 35 Jacob Singh http://acquia.com @JacobSingh Thank You!


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