[Srijan Wednesday Webinars] Lean UX for MVPs

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Product innovation is now driven a lot by User Experience design. Because of this, UI/UX for the web has become a deliverables-based practice. Wireframes, site maps, flow diagrams, content inventories, taxonomies, mock-ups and the sacred specifications document are complicating the process and they end up consuming, and wasting a lot of time. In this webinar, our speaker shares why Lean UX should be the approach to take while designing MVPs. During the session, he also elucidates on the concept of Lean UX and covers different aspects, tools and methodologies of Lean UX that should be adopted for designing MVPs. You can watch the complete webinar recording at: http://youtu.be/-owEuelYLXc


  • 1. Lean UX for MVPswith Ravi Suhagwww.ravisuhag.com@ravi_suhag

2. MVPMinimum viable product.image from vertalab 3. Faster, the betterMore time it takes to complete, the less valuable it becomes..image from vertalab 4. UX Process Site Audit (usability study of existing assets) Flows and Navigation Maps User stories or Scenarios User segmentations and Persona (Fictitious users to act out the scenarios) Site Maps and Content Inventory Wireframes (screen blueprints or storyboards) Prototypes (For interactive or in-the-mind simulation) Written specifications (describing the behavior or design) Graphic mockups (Precise visual of the expected end result)image from vertalab 5. LEAN UXCut the crap and build it image from agilesyndiacte 6. LEAN UX / Minimal UXLean UX is not Minimal UX image from agilesyndiacte 7. Getting into action ! 8. Pareto Principle - 80/20 Rule80 percent of progress comes from 20 percent of the effort. 9. Stop being a UI/UXerGet into the users shoes . ! 10. Build the storyStart fresh and follow the product usecase. ! 11. PPP - Pen Paper Prototyping 12. Design in BrowserGetting real from first second ! 13. Tooling Process ToolPrototype PaperClickable Wireframes MockflowMid AxureHigh Code 14. On top of LEANExtend it like anything ! 15. Thank You!Ravi Suhag@ravi_suhag