Real World Lead Nurturing and Lead Scoring

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  • 1.More contact. Less effort.Real-world lead nurturing from the inside

2. About Silverpop Email marketing andB2B marketing automationsoftware 1,400+ customers Across 38 countries 425 employees UK headquarters since 2005 3. Why are you reading this? 4. Because only 5% of leads you and I generated in last month are ready to buy NOW. 5. This presentations takeaways An understanding of funnel challenges we face A candid look at the challenges we have faced Five nurtures Silverpop use to tackle these challenges Some results and data points to arm your arguments 6. We faced two primary challenges ChangingFunnel waste buyer behaviour 7. We were wasting leads 8. Our old funnel (and perhaps yours) 9. 65% of leads went to waste. 10. B2B buyer decision cycleReconsideration SatisfactionSelectionAcknowledgmentInvestigationDecisionSource: R. JollesMeasurement Criteria 11. Emerging buying cycle gap...Reconsideration Satisfaction 5%SelectionAcknowledgment 79%InvestigationDecisionSource: R. JollesMeasurement Criteria 12. Emerging buying cycle gap...Reconsideration Satisfaction problemSelectionAcknowledgment2%InvestigationDecision2-3%Source: R. JollesMeasurement Criteria 13. The buying cycle was also changing 14. Prospects narrowing the field...During the initial research phase, the surveyshowed 42% of B-to-B buyers evaluate four ormore suppliers, but as they move closer toprocurement, only 26% get quotes from four ormore suppliers. Source: Chief Marketer, Adjusting to the Web-Influenced Buy Cycle, 22 March 2010 15. Almost entirely on their own ... Source: ITSMA, How Customers Choose Solution Providers, 2009. Global data. 16. How we began curing ourselves 17. We realigned Sales/Marketingaround a common language revenue. 18. Introduced a new lead scoring model Began scoring leads on 3 sets of criteria: BANT data Demographic data Behavioural data 19. We created ranks and buckets 20. Began routing leads based on scoringMarketing became lead-traffic-controllers 21. Began routing leads based on score 22. Introduced nurture programmes With goals to: Improve follow-up with leads. Offload follow-up to not-yet-sales-ready leads. Freeing up costly resources Improving lead follow-up times Guide leads through a longer buyer cycle andtowards an opportunity. 23. Introduced nurture programmes The initial programmes: Automated Media Nurture 6-Month Email or Marketing Automation Nurture 90-day Email or Marketing Automation Nurture Dead/Lost Nurture Silverpop on Silverpop 24. Automated Media Nurture Automated Media Nurture 6 month programme Aimed at following up on whitepaper downloads Goals: Driving to additional thought capital download Driving to a web-based demo Ultimately leading to a live demo 25. 6-Month Nurtures 6-Month Email and MA Nurtures Sales or Demand Gen initiated Aimed at staying top of mind Goals: Driving to additional thought capital download Driving to upcoming webinars Conveying points of differentiation in latter stages Ultimately leading to a web-based or live demo as the buying cycle progresses 26. 90-Day Nurtures 90-Day Email and MA Nurtures Sales or Demand Gen initiated Aimed at prospects coming to market in near-term Goals: Driving to additional thought capital download Strongly conveying points of differentiation Offering web-based product demos and feature highlights 27. Dead/Lost Nurtures 11-month Dead/Lost Opportunity Nurture Sales or Demand Gen initiated Aimed at prospects in opportunities that wentdead or were lost Goals: Stay top of mind Provide months of thought leadership and industry best practices Drive to a webinar, web demo or live demo as contract term nears renewal 28. Silverpop on Silverpop 6-week Highlight Nurture Sales or Demand Gen initiated For Prospects in latter stages of an Opportunity Goals: Educate customers on the benefits of marketing automation through real-world experience Highlight clear differentiators in the product and service offering Drive to an opportunity close 29. The results we saw Reduced non-contacted leads from 65% to < 10% Increased lead conversion rates by 2x in 12-months Increased marketing-generated revenue by morethan 100% in 12-months Removed sales from the lead qualificationprocess altogether Other less precise measures of success: Increased opportunity creation by 40% year-on-year Decreased time from first contact to close 30. What tools are needed?CRM SystemMarketing Automation Platform Database of record Lead management Lead and opportunity tracking and Lead Scoringreporting Lead Ranking Sales process management Lead Routing Lead Alerts to Sales CRM integration for sales-initiatedcampaigns Publishing and outbound marketing Nurtures and email marketing Landing pages for lead generation Reporting Sales view into marketing activity Sales view into lead score, rank andbehaviour 31. SummaryIt is likely that less than 5% of the leads you generate are ready to buy.The buying cycle has changed and it has grown even more complex.Sales and marketing MUST be aligned to the same numbers; the samevocabulary; and the same units of measurement.Technology is not the cure-all. You must also have the right structure; theright processes; and the right content.CRM is the foundation, but you need marketing automation tools tomanage the entire lead to opportunity process. 32. Resources Resource Centreat White papers Webinars Blogs Case studies Newsletters Related Tip Sheet:9 Tips for Creating a Successful Scoring Model 33. Thank you for your time!