Pardot Webinar - Lead Qualification (Scoring) and Nurturing

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  • 1.Lead Qualica,on (Scoring) and Nurturing Tips and Tricks Presented by: Derek Grant, SVP, Sales

2. Introduc,on Im Derek Grant I manage sales at Pardot MoDo: Be Brief, Be Brilliant and Be Gone 3. Lead Qualica,on (Scoring) Iden,fy Excep,onal Prospects 4. Does This Sound Familiar? 5. Should All Leads Go To Sales? 80% of all leads never have a meaningful conversa=on with a sales professional -Forrester Only 17% of leads convert to qualied opportuni=es -Bridge Group 6. The Grim Reality A large number of assigned leads should have never crossed over to the Sales team 70% of mishandled leads will buy from a compe;tor within 24 months 7. The Need for Objec,ve Qualica,on Prac,cal Steps Dene Marke=ng Qualied Lead (MQL) Have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) Measure and Improve Qualica,on Leads to: Prompt follow up Higher conversion rates More closed deals 8. Tradi,onal Lead Qualica,on Have You Tried? BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline) Explicit Qualica=on Implicit, Ac=vity-based Qualica=on Eyeball Approach 9. Example of Implicit Qualica,on Ac,vity Value Form / Landing Page Submission +50 Email Open 0 Email Link Click +3 Page View +1 Pricing Page View +25 Search +3 Opportunity Created +100 10. Interest v. Intent Interest (Researching) Intent (Buying) Views 25 Pages Contact Me Form Downloads Two Searches for Whitepapers Company Name A_ends a Webinar Product Trial Excep,onal Prospects 11. Finding the Right 20% Implicit What they do Explicit Who they are Implicit Explicit 12. Lead Nurturing Stay Top-of-Mind With Prospects 13. The ROI is Staggering 9% higher average deal size 23% shorter deal =me The Value of Your DB Each lead has a cost Time erodes the value 14. Rule 1 Know Your Audience Segments, Personas & Interest No One Size Fits All content Prospect v. Customer-Focused Granular segmenta=on is key Rule: If the message ts everyone, it probably isnt specic enough for anyone. 15. Rule 2 Start With the End in Mind Whats Your Goal Begin at the end Mission Statement Educa=on Green to MQL Brand Building Example Nurturing during a product trial should convert prospect to customer 16. Rule 3 Know When to Stop & Start Start Not Yet an MQL Non-responsive to Sales Stop How was Success dened? Transi,on Start a more specic one 17. Rule 4 Be Mindful of Timing Send at the right ,mes Suppress weekends or afer hours Send during business hours improve response rates Frequency S=ck to a cadence Dont be a nuisance 18. Rule 5 Send Appropriate Content Go Green with Content Mul=-use content Dust o old content Blog Post Dont get too specic too soon Whitepapers = General, Broad Webinars = Feature Specic Case Studies = Pain points, ROI Opportuni=es = Eliminate Risk 19. Rule 6 Mix It (Content) Up 20. Rule 6 Mix It (Content) Up 21. Examples of Nurturing Prac,cal Campaigns For Any Organiza,on 22. Educate Non-Sales Ready Leads Premise Retain early stage leads as marke=ng assets Put the pebble in the shoe Strategy Heavy HTML from Marke5ng@ Whitepapers, broad webinars Goal Create an MQL 23. Recycle Dormant Leads So They Dont Want to Talk Recycle non-responsive leads Automa=on can reclaim Strategy Revert to broad content (Whitepapers, Webinars, etc) If Successful Sales Engagement From Assigned User & Light HTML If No Sales Engagement Heavy HTML from Marke5ng@ Goal A more responsive MQL 24. Stay Top of Mind Stay Top-of-Mind Stay in touch Non-responsive leads Re-acquain=ng the prospect with key features Content Light HTML from the sales rep Goal Faking sincerity un=l re-engagement 25. Automate Trial Messaging Try it before you buy it Product trials Consistent messages Dened end point Content From Marke5ng@ & Heavy HTML How To videos, KB ar=cles, ROI info Align =ming with trial =meline Goal Convert from =re kicker to customer 26. Re-Engage aier a Loss They Bought From Who??? Nurture Closed / Lost Opportuni=es Prospects using a compe==ve product Strategy From Assigned User Light HTML Wait several months to start Align =ming with contract term Goal Another chance to make a rst impression 27. Dos and Donts DO Do Do Dont Use segmenta,on & Nurture your en,re personas database Start with the end in Send one size ts all mind content Be mindful of ,ming Assume that newsleDers General to specic nurture Know when to stop Do it manually 28. Ques,ons 29. Contact Informa,on Pardot Derek Grant 950 East Paces Ferry Rd SVP of Sales Suite 3300 Atlanta, Georgia 30326 @derekgrant 404.492.6848 877.3B2B.ROI